Did It Feel Like Thanksgiving For You Today, Foxhole?

so i hope the foxhole is having a great thanksgiving today.
i know some of you are waiting to eat right now.
others have eaten so much they are waiting for their second wind.
a few have eaten,
probably dressed,
and ready to venture to a “black friday sale”.
then there are those,
like me,
who spent it without a family today.
¬†alone or at a friend’s crib.
well just know i’m here for you.
i went to lunch with the pretty vixen today.
i wanted soul food so we went to “x amy ruths“.
it was in my budget,
and i didn’t feel cooking or like being alone,
so why not?

sidebar: food was amazinggggg.
ya’ll gotta try their koolaid.
maybe it was my experience,
but i noticed something tho…

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