did a well-known attentionisto allegedly drug a male into having sex with him?

my mother always told me to watch when someone pours me a drink.
she went on to warn me never leave a drink un-attended either.
you never know tho.

Some males can be ruthless when it comes to sex.

some of us have trusted the wrong males during intimate moments and got burned.
more often than not,
some will secretly drug you to loosen you up so your guard can be let down.
the following was brought to me by one of the f-bi.
it involves ju aka @nopicsnochat (in the picture above).
he claims he was drugged into having sex with a well-known attentionisto.
one i have covered more than a few times.
ju claims after he felt he was drugged,
he confronted said well-known attentionisto and was gaslit.
this is the IG highlight of what went down for your review…


these are screenshots from the alleged “gaslit” conversation between the 2:

sooooo these are very serious allegations.
i have no dog in this fight nor can i verify the truth of this story.
i’m simply an audience member like everyone else.
i do have thoughts and a question tho.

  1. From what I know of said well-known attentionisto,
    I didn’t even know he was out here fuckin’ randoms all like that.
    I shouldn’t be shocked tho.
    He is VERY serious about his image and his brand.
    When he was accused in ( x an alleged story of him smashing another attentionisto from Florida ) back in 2015,
    and an alleged sex tape was released,
    he hit me up almost immediately to deny it was him.
    He let me know how serious he is about his brand and image as well.
    Don’t quote me,
    but I think he was an alleged teacher at the time or something.
  2. Did the alleged victim take this story to the police?
    I love the well-put-together IG story,
    but what are we supposed to do?
    Go to his page and banish him?
    Leave emojis in his comments?
    I’m confused here.
    People depend too much on social media to fight crime.
    If this happened,
    and it sounds very serious,
    shouldn’t the police be involved as well?

it’s a lot to process with this story.
like i said,
this is up to the judgment of the foxhole.
i will say that the well-known attentionisto better this isn’t a “known” thing in his circles.
you know how people keep silent because someone has clout,
but as soon as that person is exposed,
everyone suddenly starts talking.
you see what went down with weinstein,
and cosby.
all it takes is for more victims to fan the flames to start a wildfire.

if the victim is lying or clout chasing,
be prepared to find yourself banished.

x visit @nopicnochat for more

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “did a well-known attentionisto allegedly drug a male into having sex with him?”

  1. Forgive me if I’m wrong but I don’t believe it. I just hope the police were contacted because social media has replaced common sense. Somethings aren’t meant to be shared with the public. If I feel you raped me I’ll handle it a different way. I think too many people want to be seen

  2. I would like to know more. For instance, did he inform the police? Was/ Is there an investigation being conducted? If so, wouldn’t him contacting his alleged abuser (he didn’t say it but he’s implying that he took advantage of him by drugging him) be a cause for concern for the investigation if its being conducted.

    Is him revealing all of this on social media a form of therapy for him? (because I don’t want to judge his way of grieving, but it seems unnecessary and very compulsive and could be used against him).

    Throughout the back and forth messaging he seemed to be reassuring the recipient that he’s just asking questions to identify a problem. Though his side commentary on instagram implies that he wouldn’t have believed his answer regardless. So what was the point. The recipient/alleged abuser would not have came out stating “yep, I drugged you and I got away with it” or even subconsciously reveal any details of his alleged crime. That doesn’t seem logical to me.

    And I honestly believe according to my opinion that he has reading comprehension issues, the recipient claimed that he has taken drug himself for his own experimentation, but not that he placed or attempted to drug someone else. The sender is continuously outright stating that the recipient is revealing that he is capable and possibly did drug someone else thus he must have drugged the sender as well, which is false.

    1. “I would like to know more. For instance, did he inform the police?”
      This makes me wonder as well. Why do folks need to go straight to social media to air their dirty laundry? Seems like an ploy to grab attention/sympathy. Kinda sad when you think about it.
      Really makes me question the validity of the story when they do that.

  3. This is that dude who came under fire during the summer for what some people consider to be an anti-black rant against Jasmine Sullivan. He likes attention. I know the hair .

    The thing about having all of these FWB’s all across the land versus one person you kick it with is that none of them really cares about your well-being bc they have their own set of FWBs too . & they’ll do whatever to let out the next load and then it’s on to the next city in their tour list

    On the same topic, We tend to talk a lot about getting rid of stigma but yesterday was World his day and like water Hampton say it in a video that I watched: the traveling gays are partly responsible for the widespread pandemic

    If you’re giving pills to someone they have no control
    Over their body and can’t consent to unprotected sex next thing u know John Paul and Jacob in their hometown have it when they go back and play with them before their 3-6 month checkup

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