cleiton lobo thinks we need Jesus for the lives we live?

when we don’t punish kids for their bad behavior,
they think that we think it’s okay for them to continue doing it.
they got away with that so now let’s push the limit further.
it’s the same when we coddle the crackhead in the family.

“Joseph is just going through a rough patch!
he stole 50k worth of my jewelry and wrecked my car but he is sick!
I’m going to give this to God and continue to love him.”

no aunt shirley.
joseph doesn’t like you.
he knows you’re an idiot and the only one in his corner.

that serial killer who was killing gays in 90s new yawk?
he killed his roommate in college and got off scot-free.
the homophobic jury pardoned his behavior.
he went on to kill and dismember gays because he learned he could.

when cleiton lobo ( x destroyed that hotel in thailand ),
and disrespected the gentleman who provided him the experience,
he never faced any real punishment for what he did.
all he did was up the sexy and promote his new relationship.

with some,
that’s all it takes to be forgiven.

a foxholer sent me this

…and like the crackhead cousin or badass kids,
cleiton will be fine.
maybe he was drunk when he wrote that?
this just adds more interest to his neutral evil storyline.
( x read more about being a neutral evil )

lowkey: i’m always blown away when people go at the very things that support them.
it’s like watching a train crash in real-time.

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “cleiton lobo thinks we need Jesus for the lives we live?”

  1. I love it when they show us who they really are.

    Thanks ” CLIT LOCO” (LMAO)

  2. This is meathead roid queen! He looks like he smells like a fresh fart.
    In the words of Marsha P. Johnson
    “Pay it no mind”!

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