the throwback about steven beck, his husband, and a past entry on the foxhole

^this is such a cute family.
i hope my manz and i look as good as this in our pictures.
the foxhole has some six degrees of separation going on.
we always do in this forest.
a vix-bi wanted to share the alleged throwback with the foxhole…

these are ( x the entry ) and ( x dion’s instagram ).
the vix-bi went on to font:

i think it’s nice that steven stepped up.
steven has a daughter of his own,
where is she in all of this?

either way,
it looks like dion’s kids get along with steven.
being a step-parent can be challenging af.
if the kids don’t like you:

if they do like you,
you are scared to do anything that will change that dynamic.

Do you scold your manz bad ass kids?
I always wanted to know how that works.

…because God forbid they are demons from under a stephen king novel.
i think i only liked one wolf my mother was with.
everyone else she dealt with was trash.
i didn’t pull out “demon jamari” but i was “snitch jamari“.

with that being fonted,
i hope this family makes it.

lowkey: i love that they are both black.
it must be hard to date/marry a popular attentionisto.
you have to be built ford tough when the stories come out.

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