Chris Brown Wants Us To See This Soon

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 chris brown is coming out with a documentary about his life.
this might actually be interesting as fuck.

Who is going to go see it when it comes out?

release date: coming soon

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Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Chris Brown Wants Us To See This Soon”

      1. Lol I admit I’ve been on a hiatus. A very long one. I am alive and doing well. Today is actually my first visit to the Foxhole since… I dont remember. I wanted to check in on you.

        1. ^

          i was so scared vain.
          i didn’t know what to think.
          i thought about you so much since we last talked.
          i am so glad you are okay.
          thank you for checking in on me!!

      2. I can’t guarantee that I will be here often but I will do my best. It seems like you’ve grown a bit since we last spoke which is great. I am all about that. Im curious to see if the topics on here will shift as you do. Ive read a few of the more recent posts and I see there is a new crowd as well as some veterans. Let’s see where this goes.

        And as fas as CB, its been a consistent chop for me since the incident.

  1. I don’t have ainterest in Chris brown like that to spend my money and two hours to go watch about his huge in movie form so i’ma go with a NO. if this movie was a real documentary style movie where it showed how a young, talented, cute boy turned into the guy hebis today then perhaps. I have a feeling it’s just going to be an Instagram version of his life on the screen It’ll probably be him going to buyout shoe stores driving expensive fast cars, meeting with his diluted female fans, and him holding Royalty a few times and attempting to sing her a lullaby.

    I don’t think we’re going to see a movie where he’s taking responsibility for a lot of the actions he has done. Welp

  2. Don’t we already know the story. He lives it out on social media for free so why pay for it. Shouldn’t these things come out after you are dead and gone or atleast pass tge age of 30

  3. The whole thing about chris is that he could have made a HUGE comeback after Rihanna…but he got caught up playing the tough guy… all of the ugly ass tattoos, the meltdowns on Twitter and etc…like Chris you actually have talent if you made music you’re number one thing you could have been een bigger than where you are now…Now you’re like the hood MJ out here…Chris Brown biggest enemy is himself and he needs to deal with his inner demons and stop blaming America for his poor decisions and etc.. That was seven years ago and he wants to act as if that’s the only incident that caused america to view him in the way it does…You made your bed now lay in it. These celebs kill me if you want the public to stop villainizing you then stop doing DUMB SHIT that fucks up your image. I loved him during the FAME era. He looked healthy, sounded better than ever and still had that boyish innocence with a slight edge to him… I’ll always be a fan of his music but NOT his antics….

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