charlamagne thinks “big backs” are the only ones being thirsty for menz

i was sitting here this morning,
reflecting before i started my day over a dream i had about work wolf.

i had to answer a question during shadow work and i conjured him from the emotional dead.

It made me realize how much of a Pick-Me I use to be.

yes i was.
i was a pick-me with no boundaries who was desperately trying to get picked.
in order to find yourself,
you gotta risk embarrassment but i ain’t embarrassed.
i’ll write it in big font:

I use to be a Pick-Me!

a pick-me can look like whatever or whoever and come from any social background.
there are plenty of IG attentionistos,
some of the baddest you ever seen,
that are putting up with all kinds of shit just to be chose.
you see how many of them get caught up being thirsty for sex.
so when i see charlamagne talmbout miss lady in the “who tf did i marry” saga…

um soooooooooooo he is:

1 – Truly not in entertainment with all these failed/toxic relationships with many celebrities

2 – Saying dumb shit for shock value and clicks for attention

3 – Officially in the bubble where he doesn’t know the average person anymore

i’m not a “big back” at all.
just because you are big,
that doesn’t automatically mean you aren’t thirsty.
like myself,
i know some very slim folks who have been/are in toxic relationships/marriages.

The truth is…

many people need therapy or to start some kind of self therapy journey.
many of us are attached to the chains of generational curses.
we saw our parents/caretakers in toxic relationships and we are following in their footsteps.

My Pick-Me behavior may have came from my mother but it came from my extreme dehydration from being neglected and seeking acceptance and love.

a lot of these males were indeed attractive but they were also mirrors of myself.
some were interested; others played games.
there were heavy layers once i broke everything down and was blown away.
so i don’t know what charlamagne is talmbout but he might need to buy a clue.

lowkey: i really use to fux with charla heavy but lately,
he has been getting on my nerves with some of his takes.
are joey budden and him in a competition to annoying the black community?

i’m confused with these two.

4 thoughts on “charlamagne thinks “big backs” are the only ones being thirsty for menz

  1. I think Charlemagne does have a certain point but “ The big backed” people caught an unnecessary stay bullet in the process. There is a stereotype out there that suggest that if you are overweight and even obese you automatically have low self-esteem, but this is kind of BS. There are many different layers out there and there are plenty of people across the spectrum that suffer from low self-esteem which might make you susceptible to someone selling you a pipe dream. It doesn’t have anything to do with size, race, beauty etc.

  2. That’s why Charlemagne is problematic. In the next segment he’ll be talking about mental health and how ppl carry damage and scars from how ppl hurt and treated them in the past. I’ve never seen a bigger walking contradiction NEVER be held accountable his extreme inconsistency. His whole M.O. was asshole, and ppl want to pretend as if he doesn’t exhibit the same behaviors just because he told us he has a therapist! Niga boom!

      1. And the shows IQ dropped even further once Jess joined. How are they trying to incite a beef about what Maddie jokingly said, and make it about the trans community? ‘If Char said that about Maddie, then her community would be mad..’ or whatever tf they said. So now Maddie can only speak on trans issues? She can’t be trans and have a big back?? Trans had nothing to do w anything, but straights are often wilfully dumb, so there’s that.

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