A nice quiet Tuesday night it has been!

I turned my phone off and decided to read up my favorite blogs.
I was in the middle of this blog on http://thegayte-keeper.blogspot.com

and thought it would be the PERFECT thing to post AFTER “Meet Me at….”
I needed to read this and I feel other bottoms

should be reading this.

I really appreciate his blog
because he brings the truth to and about our lifestyle.
Check him out and check out the rules after the jump…


Meet me at …

I went out and saw this very attractive tall dude [looked like the bottom]
waiting at the corner,
deep in the cut.
I saw this FIONE shorter dude [the top] approaching him and they did the typical
“dap hug” joint and it looked almost first time-ish.
First thing I thought was:

They are meeting for the first time.

the joys of meeting someone for the first time off a chat site.
Will you like them?
Will they like you?
Will you fuck them?
Or do you think it’s potential?

So many questions.

If you do plan on meeting anyone off a chat site,
here are a few tips for my bottoms:

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“Yes. I Will Have That Fine Ass Top Nigga.”


Those are my words to my bottoms out there that are sick of dating stereotypical gay men. I like my dudes to be: masculine, sexy, fine, and mine. DL or Discreet. Doesnt matter: as long as you are masculine and something about you attracts me to you. No voguing or “Yes Ma’am”. Ummmmmmm………

If I wanted to date/fuck a bitch,
I would be looking in the pound.
Some might hate on my choices
but ask me if I give a shit?

Lemme ask ya’ll a question…
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Being in this lifestyle these number of years, I have come across a number of bottoms. Some have been good friends and some I wish would get electrocuted a la Edie style on Desperate Housewives (Yes nigga, I said Desperate Housewives.)

Some of these descriptions can be any one of us or none of us. If you get offended by the list, that’s not my fault. That is your fault partna. Maybe you need to work on your insecurities and get your shit together. I’m just calling it like I saw it.

Here goes…

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