Dating Interracial While Under The Influence of Black Power


a topic right now that can go either way is “dating while black”.
it could either end well after inspiring debate or absolute chaos with hurt feelings.
i find it interesting and i’m here for both.
so the topic of “dating while colored” is a funny one.
the pretty vixen and i had a brief conversation about it last night.
i had a random thought that came to me that started the conversation:

Can you be so “black power”,
but you only choose to date/marry/knock up other races?

now you know i lust the big mountain wolf,
bk brandon,
but i’ve noticed something about him throughout the years…

he has become drunk with “fight the power” on ( x his instagram ).
maybe he got his “national negro wake up call”?
i love how he acknowledges his race and the injustices of black issues.


i’ll admit that drinking his koolaid tastes good,
but his baby mama is the flavor of “beautiful latina vixen”.
they both have a handsome mixed cub together.


to go further,
the director of “12 years a slave”,
steve mcqueen,
is married to a snow bunny.
to go even further than that,
harry belafonte who is an old school black activist,
also has a snow bunny on his arm.
there are plenty of other wolves who also share the same sentiments.
most of them like to keep their “significant others” hidden so they’re not judged.

giphyone thing i have noticed is when sistas are activists,
they marry within their race and don’t contradict their message.
they tend to keep it all the way black.
don’t even get me started on the mixed black wolves who are like this as well.

i woke up with interracial dating on my mind today.
can we take their selling seriously?
are these black wolves wolves simply just 50% black power?
is the message still the same regardless who their dicks go in?

it’s always those who shout to the mountain tops how “straight” they are
they always have some gay secret or sex tape waiting to be exposed.
well that also reminds me of the black wolves and their “i had a dream/fight the injustice” social medias.
those same latina and “racially ambiguous” vixens ain’t fighting on theirs.
hell will they even be standing with him during the fight?
they just getting fucked and getting their hair straightened.
there are so many beautiful black vixens being ignored for this very reason.
i like wolves of all colors,
but i will always love my black wolves first.
maybe these black wolves feel the same way?
it’s not actually disprespect,
but simply “who i’m currently banging” that got the win?
so say it loud,
…but he just fuckin’ and knockin’ up other races…

Does he still get a pass?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

53 thoughts on “Dating Interracial While Under The Influence of Black Power”

  1. I’m tired of this whole “love is love” bullshit argument. People act like love isn’t a conscious choice and decision made. You can LOVE someone and still CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE not to be with them, for whatever reason. Who you settle down with is your choice. I hate when people use the love is love argument whenever they want to lay up with a white person who ain’t doing shit to dismantle this white supremacist system.that they benefit from

    It’s no wonder racism still exists. Black men and women are too busy fucking their oppressor. Why should whites get rid of racism/white supremacy? Why should they care? Black men, women and children are getting shot down in the street like dogs by wannabe cops.They incarcerate black men almost to the point of being half the total prison population while only being 14% of the total population in the country.

    Black women go to jail and then so-called “commit suicide.” There are black men getting sodomized by nightsticks by white cops who then go home and have sex with their black girlfriends. Black men and women are the last hired first fired etc etc.So what do black people do in response to racism? We do everything possible to get even closer to our oppressor.

    Black people are too focused on so-called love relationships with other races and somehow we can’t find love with their our own. We need to stop with this love is love hyperbole bullshit. I’m so tired of hearing brothers and sisters saying they can’t find another black person of their equal. That’s funny, white people seem to have no trouble finding black men and women of their equal or in many cases higher than their own status.

    Lastly, why would white people go through the trouble of ending the status quo of white supremacy? For the last four hundred years in this country they have shown and done every horrific thing imaginable to you to tell you that THEY DON”T LOVE YOU. But you will still; love, snuggle, hug, kiss, breed, stroke, fuck, lick and suck them no matter what. The eagerness and desperation that black people have to be laid up with white people gives the impression racism isn’t all that bad.You can never fight your oppressor by sleeping with them. You cannot fuck your way out the control of white supremacy

  2. Uh, Nina Simone’s first husband was white. Maya Angelou’s husbands were white. Amma Asante’s husband is white. I have no idea why black women, and now gay black men, insist on policing with whom straight black men enter relationships. It is absolute ridiculous. The “issue” that black women have with interracial relationships only arises when it is black men and non-black women. To be honest, I do not even hear white people speaking terribly about interracial relationships. They probably are against them, but they leave that in private. You never see them in public saying anything about them. The stuff that I hear black women saying sounds just like something a racist white person might have been saying back in the 60s. Let people be in relationships with whomever they want. It is really strange that a gay man has issues with something like that.

  3. Dating within your race doesn’t mean youre pro black. There are countless black men and women who date exclusively in their race and don’t support anything that insists in the advancement of our people. Who’s on my shoulder doesn’t determine my blackness. In some arenas and stages in life whether professionally youll be one of few, and sometimes only in the vicinity and as a result some things may change. Many black women dont want to be black, everyone wants to be indian or exotic but never just black. Also for mixed blacks they catch heat on both sides its not necessarily easier for them. I have a few friends thst are biracial, some black and white, others black and latino. And they caught hell on both sides for ‘not looking’ black enough, not talking black enough and even be criticized on the other side of their heritage for being black. Also the notion that other races dont mix is a lie. Traces of African genealogy runs all over the world. In fact latin and west indies/ Caribbean people are black. Cultures all over the world mix. Black power comes from one thing, economic growth. So whether youre dark like djimon hounsou or light like Alicia keys our true power is in our spending. I just hate that the world tries to measure your blackness by how you dress, talk, act or behave. No other race in the world is so harsh on each other. If a white guy dates an Asian he’s not considered a traitor. So why is it as a black man whoever i date or my style of dress or speech has to be analyzed. At the end of the day im impressed by action. You seriously dont know who you’ll fall in love with. However rather im in the hood of Philly surrounded by beautiful strong masculine black men or in a professional setting with middle eastern, white or Asian men im still a strong educated black man. My legacy and how ive helped my own people will forever remain intact. Lets continue building as a nation and not focus on the superficial. If you prefer black date black and if not i wont judge you

  4. I have dated white guys but we shared similar views on social issues.I would date a liberal white guy who understands white privilege,who is gay friendly,who is Pro Choice,etc before I would date a black guy who is conservative on social issues.
    I believe you can definitely be pro black and date non Blacks.Being pro Black doesn’t mean I am anti White nor does dating non Blacks make me anti Black.I am a Christian who dated a Jewish guy.That experience didn’t make me less Christian,it didn’t make me a traitor to my faith.

    On a side note I personally I know a black activist who is married to a black woman.He verbally and physically abuses her.He cheats on her with at least two other black women that I know of.So is he pro Black? If you are a black man who abuses,mistreats,disrespects,demeans Black people,are you really “pro Black”?As someone else mentioned earlier if Black Lives Matter means Straight Black Christian Men’s Lives Matter to you,are you Pro Black?

  5. You are what you sleep with. If an Black and White couple are both down for the cause then i’m all here for it. That’s why i never understood the opposites attract thing, in terms of personality maybe? But for beliefs, no.

  6. No passes given Jamari. How can you be problack but not have black love? That is disingenuous. Love is love. I know that. I believe that dearly but you have to have black love to be problack.

  7. Lawd, Jay done came up in here and snatch everybody edges in this thread. Boy you have PREACHED up in through here. Say Amen somebody. I am not here for you being a hardcore activist and sleeping with the enemy. Trust me when I tell you, I am not here for the Swirl. I know I am late but I just finally watched Power and got into it a couple of weeks ago, so I am playing catch up. I love Omar Hardwick character Ghost but feel some kind of way, he has left his beautiful chocolate wife for Angela, Im just to season 3 so I dont know how this is going to play out but I am like Damn, Black Love never wins even in the movies. I know Mr. Hardwick has a European wife in real life, and he was dragged by Black Women when he finally revealed her I guess in rare instances, I can buy, you fell in love with your other race lover because you were in close proximity with them working and maybe going to school with them, but I really think that in most instances people who date inter racially go out of there way to do so. I have seen many good looking dudes of other races but I never even look twice at them because I know I love Black men, if I am missing out, so be it, you cant miss what you never had. I am tolerant of your inter-racial union but I just dont think you could understand what I go through for me to date you seriously and be in a relationship with me. This election year has shown the Snow People dont give a damn about us or our issues including police brutality, the level of hatred you see on social media is unreal. All the snow keyboard gangsters come out to play, and let you know how they really feel when they dont have to smile and play like they like you when they work with you and see you in the street, they are secretly wishing for your extermination. I wonder do these activist with partners of a different race really have serious race conversations in their own homes. I wonder are they even invited to the family functions and do they confront their children’s non black side of the family about their racist views. When non Blacks spouses are out here going hard for Black Rights maybe I will believe that these relationships are sincere.

    1. Maybe it’s a southern thing with me.

      This election has opened my eyes to the fact that even the white people that bust a move to Juju on that beat, fuck black women and men, and eat soul food are going to vote for Donald Trump. Culture vultures are always going to stick to what they know.


      My guess is these people in interracial relationships don’t talk about race at all or they tip toe around it, which is really oblivious and stupid to me.

      I want to BAN “black cards” and black “invites to the BBQ”

      1. Keep in mind, Jordan Peele (black) from Key and Peele is the write and director, and he just married Chelsea Peretti from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and is white

  8. Well dating outside your race is absolutely separate from standing up for rights. As people have said, Black Lives Matter is not anti-white, meaning that focusing on the bad ways we are treated does not mean there is hatred from us towards white people. Right now, we are addressing the problems of the unfair treatment of not only black people, but other minorities as well. I know Hispanics, Native Americans and Asians are not black, but lets not pretend that they are not treated unfairly either because they are.

    A problem with interracial dating would exist if there was a scenario where a white and black couple dating, but somehow have different views when it comes to police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement. I would side eye any supposedly “pro black” person with a white partner who does not only support our movement, but the rights of other minorities too. With that said, I feel that it all depends on the views of the non-black person.

  9. Also, I rarely subscribe to hotep like conspiracy theories, but I completely think it’s a government conspiracy to keep black people from rising in this country.

    We’ve proven we can be very successful when we work together as a community and family unit (I.e. Black Wallstreet)

    They purposely put drugs in our neighborhoods and criminalized us and disproportionately targeted our men.

    In virtually every form of media they portray black women in a negative way, despite the truth black women are very educated.

    Then in the midst of this we have tons of black children with no family unit for support, no one to teach them or show them fiscal responsibility, and subpar education in their own neighborhoods. So they can either stay in the schools in their neighborhood or go to white schools on the other side of town and play sports and literally be treated like cattle and be passed along without learning anything and given the illusion that white people actually think their on their level.

    1. ^i can agree.

      well it’s working because most of our brothers are turning on sistas for these new duplicating breed of “not black” whores.
      black men are being targeted and killed under the guise of “threatening while obeying the rules”.
      it’s a mess out in these forests.
      they had an article where the new black
      acivists are zendaya and Jesse Williams.
      i forgot what magazine but harry belafonte was also on the cover with them.

      1. Then they twisted part is these black say black women are too independent and not submissive enough, or too difficult to handle.

        Do they not realize these black descend from the same ancestors that had to endure slavery and work along side them in fields? The same women that had to take care of tons of kids when their men were sold away? The same women have to raise children alone because the men they procreated with are dead, incarcerated, or don’t know how to be men?

        Harry Belafonte, Jesse Williams, and Zendaya are just tolerable, digestible “activists” white people can handle. Always have been.

        How much outright discrimination do you think they’ve experienced as well paid Hollywood actors? They’re not even threatening to white people.

        1. ^you,
          and everyone else have made some great points.
          i was able to see both sides.

          i will say that some will continuously get the side eye from me,
          while others seem to be more genuine or had their negro wake up call and woke up.

  10. Would you trust a community activist that never comes to your community, but acts as if they are down for the cause?

    Would you trust a pastor that preaches the word of God but goes and prays to Buddha?

    Same thing in my opinion. These black men who choose to date,marry, and build with women outside their races can be allies, like many white people are but nothing more.

    Frankly, none of their nonblack wives seem to have much to say anyway. They’re just arm candy, not actively vocal so much as just enjoying the money and status. So they get no pass from me.

    Do you think a black women would get a pass trying to be an activist for our community but going home to a white man. Nope.

    All of it comes down to patriarchial views that men can do anything and their credibility not be tarnished. Rape, kill, and claim to be for black people when they move out of black spaces with their nonblack wives as soon as they earn more than $500.

    Meanwhile you have TONS of educated, paid black women that refuse to date outside their race because much like the Asians and even still the Jewish they understand the significance of building within their race despite their success. They’re surrounded with and work alongside white and other nonblack men everyday but few of them really seriously date them.

    Sadly with a significant portion of black men being incarcerated, gay, or just plain fuckboys that shouldn’t even be considered for marriage or procreation, I fully support black women dating outside their race.

      1. We don’t have any black freedom fighters today. Don’t be fooled.

        Deray, Al Sharpton, etc are in it for camera time and likes. Soon as you offer them a title they’ll sell out.

        I’m even disillusioned by BLM. Standing outside and getting arrested isn’t solving anything and does not phase these white folks.

        You fuck them up by building and making your own community prosperous. With that being said, where are their donations going?

        1. ^i don’t even know if i want to donate after what i read wyclef was doing to his own country.
          i stopped trusting donations after the hurricane katrina debacle.

  11. So when it comes to interracial dating I don’t really care about people doing it but moreso about why people do it. If you date outside of your race because you claim that all Black women or Black men are the same then I have a problem. And unfortunately a lot of Black men who date exclusively outside of their race harbor a lot of stereotypical depictions of Black women/Black men and assume they are all the same. And being “woke” or pro-Black does NOT mean that you can’t have problematic thoughts about other Black people. Just look at the “woke” Black people who consistently bash Black people who are gay.

    1. ^well i just saw that colin karpernick is out here with an Afro but laying in bed with some racially ambiguous vixen.
      he may get a pass because he has dated black vixens before…

      1. And heres the things we have to take into consideration is the definition of black, say by “one drop rule”. Unless you know that individuals make up who are we to say if shes isnt black enough? Nessa is African American and Arabic, used her platform on HOT97to talk about some of the issues. Shes no Angie Martines by still takes a stand, so by dating her is she still considered not black enough?

      2. That is ridiculous. Colin Kaepernick is biracial, and Nessa is biracial/multiracial as well. They are the same complexion. Why is he expected to be with a woman who looks like Lupita Nyong’o just to prove his blackness? Better yet, why is he considered black when his girlfriend, who is also mixed race, is not?

    2. “And being “woke” or pro-Black does NOT mean that you can’t have problematic thoughts about other Black people. Just look at the “woke” Black people who consistently bash Black people who are gay.”

      Thank you! Yes!!!!!!

  12. Same ‘ol two-step. What if the “Black Power” stance is an attempt to compensate for the fact that they’ve mated outside their ethnicity? I disagree that we can’t help whom we ‘fall in love with’ because we have the power to choose whom we entertain the option of loving.

    As long as the white supremacist construct remains intact, we are not similarly situated with whites, and point-blank those that mate with them have chosen the side of the oppressor. Better for you as the man on the street than someone who wants my attention or money. Emphatic NO, HARD PASS. “You’re on my list” — Dean Davenport.

  13. I agree with S&M. The problem I have with dating interracially is if you’re doing it to gain status or get a seat at the table instead of actually caring and loving the person you are with whither they’re black, white, green or blue….I will say it goes both ways though. Even though women gain a pass with dating outside their race 9/10 times.

    Peep this….an interview with the great Eartha Kitt…she caught a lot of heat for marrying a white man.

    “M: Do you think you faced a lot of resentment just because you were married to a white man.

    E: Oh yes, that caused the resentment. I was married to Bill McDonald in 1960. People would say ‘Why didn’t you marry a Black man?’ I would reply “because the white girls had them!” The men I wanted to be with, Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, dated predominatly white women. I’m talking about the 50s. When Harry Belfonte picks me out of his bed in Philadelphia and said: ‘I don’t want you to take me seriously because no Black woman can do anything for me’. I could not help him to progress into where he was going to go. “A black woman would hold a black man back’, that’s what he told me. If I wanted to marry a black man there wasn’t one because the white girls had them.

    1. ^i feel this way with the wolves in the life as she does with the black men she wanted.

      it’s all very sad and i hope one day soon,
      it can all change.

    2. But when you look at this situation, there is the person and then there is the actions of the person. Looking at this he was married during this period to a black woman from 1948-1957, then the next (white) from 57′-08′, so looking at this time line, that means the individual is just cheating worthless man…and she’s choosing to sleep with a married man as well. But again we dont know any circumstances. But does that make him less of a leader for change and his impact?

  14. Also how much of this is conditioning. You tend to notice that the higher a social ladder black people climb, where mentally they have to tend to be on par with them to contend with “white” people interracial is like a norm, like look at how non threatening I am, or if it is a black couple, look at how decorated in education and societal experiences (i believe) you have to be and have, take The Obamas for example.

    1. ^its like we have to always prove ourselves just to be accepted.
      it also looks like sistas take the brunt end of it.
      even in the life…
      all those came out the closet and were on television or public eye all were surrounded by/dated the whites.
      it’s not like that was what made it accepted enough.

      it’s weird.

      1. I think in those situation, it is due to the type of individuals that are out and the stigma of what gay is in the black community. Being in the closet is a huge problem because of the community backlash and fear in the black community which as a race we need to work on. White people as a whole are more accepting “publicly” so whose to say when you come out at that level where you’ll be. Look at Frank Ocean, in the closet it was Odd Future, out of the closet and its….

        1. ^s&m i am loving your opinion on this.
          i am left with a new idea of this topic.
          i will look at the individual and look deeper than the surface.

      2. The crazy ass Cornel was married and has children with a blonde white woman. yet he talks all that “crazy talk” as if he is trying g to prove to himself that he’s down with the ” Black agenda”.
        I remember sharing a program of Miss Jamaica beauties with this Black American guy, obviously the women were by most definitions Black n quite stunning..his response after looking at the contestants was”yea man, they fine, but ain’t none of them fine like a white woman”. my mouth hit the floor, I’m sure he saw my look of disdain n disbelief.
        I shared this to say, some Black men are truly Effed up, brainwashed ..The self hate, lack of self love n respect is real, The only race of people that want their children to be light skinned and Damon near white is a Black man, I’ve never heard an Indian man or most other races say they want their children to look unlike them. Mental Slavery continues to EF up the minds of Black people and they wallow in it. pathetic.

  15. I feel what normally gets left out of being factored is past relationships, environments and experiences. Take Kendrick Lamar. His girl isn’t black but has been with him and stayed when he wasn’t anything or anyone.but that doesn’t make him less credibile. Harry’s first wife was black but wasn’t supportive publicly about the changes he wanted out of fear for his and her life and it placed a strain in their marriage supposedly while the white women he left and married was an activist and helped along side with him. It’s all circumstantial.

    1. The one thing I feel that makes or breaks it is the supportive part. The house can’t be divided. The message needs to be the same in both sides. What I do find interesting is that you notice that most black men in the public eye in interracial relationships their significant others are never brought to light publicly for fear of the backlash (money wise) if they’re in entertainment. Plus they always have to say that stupid line “I love my black women/sistas”

      1. ^that bugs me.

        or when they get offended when you discover they are dating someone of another race.
        that shows all the insecurities in the world to me.

      2. But Im not going to lie, as a black women when I do find out, say Omar from Power or Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover and The Weeknd, it does make me look at them differently, which again is conditioning but “love is love” right and different opportunities to find “love” are presented to different people on different fields

        1. ^i was more disappointed with omari than the other two.
          they looked like they wouldn’t touch a sista with a ten foot pole.

          so I feel you on looking at them differently.
          it’s sort of a downer.
          i was expecting jesse williams to be married to a snow 🐰.
          not even gonna lie.

      3. I thought other wise and thought she was black, I tend to think that more lighter skinned people are put into that box of not black enough so that tends to place them into relationships with black women. But thats my conditioning

      4. The lighter you are, the more non threatening you appear to the masses. I remember I had a conversation with a black man whose reasoning for dating someone lighter was because the production of his child/offspring would be lighter and more accepted and his thought process was that his child would have a easier future than a darker skinned child, which is fucked up that this is the world we live in, but looking at where we are I understand.

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