Has Carlos Gone Full “Attentionisto” On Us?

tumblr_niac1cU6vZ1qf8fj8o1_250i think his name is carlos.
okay i was half right.
it’s carlos mcknight.
anyway i always see this wolf on tumblr reblogs,
and i think i wrote about him before,
but he was always pretty “lite” with his attentionisto-ism.
well i saw the following on tumblr compliments of “lucifuck”.
(nsfw-lite and “not for straight eyes”)…

tumblr_niac1cU6vZ1qf8fj8o6_250 tumblr_niac1cU6vZ1qf8fj8o2_250 tumblr_niac1cU6vZ1qf8fj8o5_250 tumblr_niac1cU6vZ1qf8fj8o3_250…was he always like this???
i must have missed the memo because i didn’t get the update.

gifs compliments: lucifuk

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Has Carlos Gone Full “Attentionisto” On Us?”

      1. Yass child add him on tumbler mcknightisthetruth he has more nudes coming soon I read that on suckmydickyoubitch (tumbler name) or lucifuck I follow to many people and that name is maximusmerilius

  1. his dick lil he’s an attention whore but he’s weird bc he’ll block u but his page is private ;/ so whats the point?
    he’s worked on his body i liked him better bigger though
    he’s tryna model in miami now

    until I see a jackoff vid I’m pretty bored with it all. glad he’s getting atleast close to doing something about that

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