I Like You (He)Bitch (and So Do A lot of People)

large there are two roles you can be known for in life.

the nice guy
the (he)bitch

the first one is known for his clean reputation.
he says “please”,
“thank you”,
and “excuse me”.
he doesn’t believe in “wrong doing” because he does no wrong.
he is safe and pretty boring.
the he-bitch is more exciting.
he doesn’t give a fuck and says what he feels.
he has made a lot of mistakes and will continue too.
for whatever reason,
he also gets the a ton of sex.
he also won’t be faithful and will steal your credit card.
two polar opposites,
but this is about the “(he)bitch”.
people are attracted to the wolf,
or even the fox,
with a bit of an edge.
an obvious wild side.
even though we think being bad will black list us,
or make people show us no respect,
it seems to be the opposite.
the polar opposite.
the world has changed.
(he)bitch is in and the ratchet wins.
i had to wonder…

Is it better to choose being the (he)bitch?

 chris brown is a mess.
just google his ratchet resume.
he plays the (he)bitch and he plays it well.
the wolf can’t do anything without fuckin’ up somehow.
his energy has now forced him to bring negative reactions in his decisions.
he can go from “0 to 100” in a second.
yet for whatever reason,
and i’m pretty intelligent,
but i’d let him fuck me completely stupid.
giphyi don’t know what it is,
but he turns me on.
i hope one day he will get his shit together,
but lets face it,
well we been waiting since 2010.
and his jail stint.
and his realizing he is bi polar.
okay you get the idea.
it may not happen,
but #teambreezy will defend him until he death.

i won’t lie,
but kenya moore fascinates the fuck outta me.
tumblr_n6kpqfztOP1r0se92o1_400she is the villain of the #rhoa franchise.
i ask anyone,
and everyone what they think about her,
and the answer is still the same:

“i don’t like her”
“ugh i hate that bitch”
“she causes so much trouble”

…but why tho?
she hasn’t done anything that the others haven’t done on that show.
some have lied.
some have ho’d around.
some have even bullied others.
she isn’t a murderer or a rapist.
she also exposed the she-jackals for their lies.
yet when kenya does something,
everyone is ready to jump on her.
she simply stirs the pot and it gets people to react.
tumblr_n4ggq0Ght21t1bekoo1_500she fights with her brain and makes hoodrats look stupid.
if she was a snooze fest,
like deshawn snow,
people would be campaigning to have her off.
lets not even mention the show got interest after she showed up.

i started to think about the way we view the bad guy.
the villain.
the (he)bitch.
when we follow the rules,
we get treated like we broke them.
when we are nice,
we are treated like we stole something.
when we date with respect,
we get treated like we cheated.
when we act like a friend,
we get treated like a backstabber.
hell our crackhead brother/cousin/aunt/sister tho,
the one who can’t their life together,
well our families love them and all their drama.
they will get the money and help faster.

“he will get off the drugs.
he will back to normal.”

“she just needs a little love.
stop being so heartless.
so what she tried to poison me?
she was just depressed and acting out.”

tumblr_mqgxoybebp1qbrdf3o1_500uh huh.
i believe we all should be right in the middle.
there is nothing wrong with being nice,
but we should still have that (he)bitch ready to bark.
its better to use your (he)bitch powers for good and not evil.
its hidden somewhere deep in all of us.
it just seems to come out fully when we have given up on the world.
those are the ones who are completely nasty and bitter.
so the attitude,
no fucks,
 endless sex,
and being feared rather than loved…

Is life simply much better for the (he)bitch?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “I Like You (He)Bitch (and So Do A lot of People)”

  1. Jamari, this piece was me some years ago. I was always, and perhaps still am to a certain degree of normalcy (lol), still drawn to those who have that certain edge about them, but with a level of intelligence that allows them to circumnavigate obvious contretemps . I have a “Hero Complex,” the one who likes to save people from themselves. And for me, it was never about wanting anything in return because I am a giving person, regardless; it’s just in my nature to help those who can’t seem to put it all together for the sake of leading productive lives. But yes, when it comes to the sex, there is always a heightened level of sexuality when it comes to those types; almost like a Volcano that’s been sitting idle and pissed off and just ready to erupt in you and all over you 🙂

    1. ^i love this line of:

      ” I have a “Hero Complex,” the one who likes to save people from themselves. ”

      like that was such a powerful statement.
      i am that way ad i hate it.
      i can see the potential in people and want to help.
      sadly the ones i try to help are dumb asses.
      great comment lm.

      i also agree with the volcano reference.

  2. I fall in the middle, which is the best option. I’m usually nice, but if a person makes a sly and underhanded remark, I will flip like the other side of a coin, but I hate showing that side. If a person is an ass all the time, they will not get respect from others, and once their co-signers who are only around to be on their payroll are gone, that is pretty much it.

    S/N: People hate Kenya because she is educated, beautiful, and uses her brain to make others feel inferior.

    1. ^i am like this man.
      people sleep on me,
      but i can be a beast with the intelligence.
      i think thats why i like what ive seen from kenya.

      that lupita scandal with kenya tho…
      people saying:

      “well its not a good look for lupita to take a picture with this kenya”
      “maybe she doesn’t want to be associated with a reality star”
      “kenya isn’t up to lupita’s class”


      so it was okay to take a picture with terry richardson,
      the alleged predator on female models?
      kenya is playing a role on a television show.
      she hasn’t killed or raped anyone.
      i’m confused.

  3. Don’t forget a (he)bitch is also a baby when he doesn’t have it his way. But seriously tho why you guys are hatin on Kenya? She hasn’t done anything to y’all

  4. I’m definitely a combination. Very polite upon approach, but I can flip that switch real quick. I was just raised that way. My parents taught me to always appear nice and nonthreatening because it disarms people and they never know what hits them when they step out of line lol.

    I just grin when people say my mom and dad are so nice. Little do they know …lol

    Kenya is playing a part and she’s winning! You think she was getting coins before she started this?

    1. ^” My parents taught me to always appear nice and nonthreatening because it disarms people and they never know what hits them when they step out of line lol.”

      same here!!!!
      my parents had that shit down.
      i realized long ago,
      after my rebellious stage,
      you gotta never appear to be too nasty.
      no one will want to work with you and it burns bridges.

      i could be wrong,
      but i believe kenya is cool.
      people try to discredit her because she isn’t bragging 24/7.
      this show seems to have given her some momentum.
      regardless if she is bad or good,
      she makes everyone react lol

      1. I’m sure if she was really as bad as people say she is it would’ve gotten out 10 years ago.

        I believe the whole feud with Vivica Fox is publicity stunt too for Apprentice ratings. These people going on reality go into it knowing they have to start shit with each other to bring more publicity to the show.

  5. I was just think about this he bitch mentality today.thank you for reading . My mind. I was raised to be nice and respectful but never play anyone chump or sucker. Maybe I should try this approach w balance though. Kenya is brilliant on the show stark contrast to NeNe.

  6. Kenya tweeted that she didnt ask Lupita for a pic.Now she claims a friend of hers did.Yet she waits almost a week to make this claim.I don’t believe anything she says.

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