Either The He(Bitch) Goes or Jamari Fox Will

tumblr_static_eny2cwo4sdcgws08cc0gk0w8s_640_v2i wrote something earlier today.
“mister available”.
i was frustrated with how wolves were treating me.
i was going to let me he(bitch) raise hell.
well instead of it making me bitter,
i wanted to be better.
i was talking to one of the foxholers last night about this same issue.
how i go from 0 to 1000 with the goal of your head on the floor”.
i was taking a nice warm bath earlier,
compliments of dr bronners “peppermint” liquid soap,
and something else washed over me.
something inside said to close my eyes and imagine this…
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I Like You (He)Bitch (and So Do A lot of People)

large there are two roles you can be known for in life.

the nice guy
the (he)bitch

the first one is known for his clean reputation.
he says “please”,
“thank you”,
and “excuse me”.
he doesn’t believe in “wrong doing” because he does no wrong.
he is safe and pretty boring.
the he-bitch is more exciting.
he doesn’t give a fuck and says what he feels.
he has made a lot of mistakes and will continue too.
for whatever reason,
he also gets the a ton of sex.
he also won’t be faithful and will steal your credit card.
two polar opposites,
but this is about the “(he)bitch”.
people are attracted to the wolf,
or even the fox,
with a bit of an edge.
an obvious wild side.
even though we think being bad will black list us,
or make people show us no respect,
it seems to be the opposite.
the polar opposite.
the world has changed.
(he)bitch is in and the ratchet wins.
i had to wonder…

Is it better to choose being the (he)bitch?
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