APB: The Model Wolf in The House of Chapple Show

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 9.29.29 PMso there is a big fashion show happening in atlanta tomorrow.
its for “house of chapele” by reco chapple.
bae in my head,
kellon deryck,
will be in it.
new atlien,
steven beck,
as well.
he will also be bringing his calendars to sign.
anyway one of my readers wanted to know who another model was.
they were looking for their twitter/instagram with n luck.
of course they came right into my foxhole…

name: glen miller.
friend of photographer,
eric ganison.
eric resides in dallas.
that’s all the clues i got.
if anyone knows more about this wolf,
please update in the comment box.

lowkey: ive seen eric’s photos around.
good eye.
he shoots the finest wolves.
a majority i have featured throughout the years.
you know i’m a fan.
speaking of,
i remember model wolf,
chris anthony being the featured model for “house of chapple”:
736629dbb39d598a706d694f0741ff9a…will he be there as well?
i feel like the show is about to be poppin’ with meat.
any f-bi want to attend tomorrow?

Freight Depot
65 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr


come back with a good scoop.
oh and tell kellon i said “hi baby”.

photo credits: eric ganison photography
fashion show website: house of chapple
| buy tickets

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “APB: The Model Wolf in The House of Chapple Show”

  1. I actually thought about going but I have to work. I went to a Reco Chapple event last year and it was a meat market for sure. If I was single……………. Reco was cool as well.

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