You Ain’t Gay If You Smash A Dude Once Every Blue Moon (DL REJOICE!)

SONY DSCmental illness is prevalent in the black community.
you’ll see why i said that soon.
so everyone meet battle rapper,
i’m sure its pronounced “daylight” for those who are confused.
well in his battle shtick,
he tries to be shocking.
last year he said he wanted to “fuck the shit out of diddy”.
well this year he now wants a piece of ti.
he also claims he ain’t gay.
he says he smashes more vixens and in the gay book,
that means he ain’t gay.
well this is what he told vladtv

Battle rapper Daylyt is known for his wild and crazy antics, and he shocked the world last year when he said he would “f*ck the sh*t out of Diddy.”

Now he’s professing his desire to do the same to T.I. because he has a “quota to fill” for 2015, and he’s also been “feeling this caramel sh*t lately.” Plus, he says he knows “T.I. a freak,” so he has that going for him.

In a clip from a recent interview with VladTV, Daylyt — who tried to take a dump on stage after getting booed at a rap battle show in Phoenix last October — addressed his homosexual antics, explaining, “I’ll suck a d*ck or two, but I’m not gay.”

b4379510-2c43-11e4-8cc2-ad876bc972c2_giphyi’m miley cyrus right now.
well he sounds like “d/l wolf thoughts” while on jack’d…
or a d/l church wolf after sunday service.
either or.
while you’re probably shocked at what he said,
i’m more confused at what he did to his face.
along with the “taking a dump on stage”.
anyway he use to be cute!
cute and all the way past crazy.
they usually the ones with the best sex too.

article found: gossiponthis

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “You Ain’t Gay If You Smash A Dude Once Every Blue Moon (DL REJOICE!)”

  1. Yeah Um I’m going to RUN not walk away from this crazy pineapple. It’s not my place to tell anyone their sexuality, I do believe it’s not black and white but very grey. The world has no problem with women sexuality being fluid but if a guy does anything out the norm its seen as gay. Not Bisexual or bi curious or even pansexual but good ol gay. I just think its a backwRds way or thinking.

    P.S. What the fuck in that in his face?

  2. Im sitting laughing because I lowkey believe he’s a comedian. I really dont think he even believes what he is saying. I dont even think he’s crazy. Maybe im crazy for thinking that but oh well. Watch, he’ll be goin on a comedy tour with Kevin Hart next year lol

  3. No, that makes you bisexual when you have sex with men and women–not gay.

    He should sue the person that took a magic marker to his face when he was asleep.

  4. I think this is just jokes. I do not think he is serious at all. But that’s just me. I stop watching after the 1st few seconds

  5. but the sad thing is MANY black DL men think that they’re NOT gay…they think it’s just something to do…but *newsflash* if you’re a man and you’re taking or giving dick to or from another man in any capacity that’s gay…people crack me up they don’t want to hear labels because then that means they have to face the truth…

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