Is Calling Someone a “Queen” A Gay Slur?

119a031acd55050932238174bd251f47so torrey smith of the baltimore ravens
who actually looks really good in that shot…
he is in trouble for calling someone a queen.
who is the someone?
some random person wearing pink flowery socks on his instagram…
Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 12.32.56 AM

tumblr_lr4y3yN74L1r2hybuo1_500tmz claims it is being “homophobic”.
um ok.
torrey tweeted this about all the backlash he is receiving:

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 12.39.30 AMwell good for him not backing down.
as a fox in the lifestyle,
i call people who deserve it “queens”.
the messy gay males who are covered in the stench of bitch.
peanut being one of them.
i also call my people “niggas” when they deserve it as well.
now torrey calling this random person a “queen”,
because of his socks,
seems rather ignorant on his part.
maybe he was joking?
flowered socks does not a queen make torrey.
so imo,
he was wrong in his assumption.
he does strike me as the type to lump all gay men in one category because of something.
ya know.
those things that don’t make men “manly”.
either way it isn’t that serious.
i had to ask the foxhole tho…

Is Torrey Smith the big bad baller wolf…
or did he just have a dumb ass moment?

go to where the story first started: tmz

visit torey’s:

x instagram

x twitter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Is Calling Someone a “Queen” A Gay Slur?”

  1. according to one of the comments it looks like that is his little brother, so no he should not apologize or take the post down. me and my brother play like this all the time

      1. I’m still waiting for TMZ to apologize to African Americans for asking the poll question should we call blacks ni99ers or not?

  2. Sometimes we have to be careful when we become over sensitive and offended at every little thing, I noticed that many people are beginning to be turned off and become more homophobic when we throw fits as gay people about any little comment or joke. I use crude and offensive statements about all races and sexual orientation in my everyday convo with my close friends and family members, but of course I will try to be politically correct on social media, but this seems like this was his little brother according to the post so I am sure he was just joking and even if it was a random person, I would probably find it funny coming from a so called str8 dude. Me and my gay homies talk about how dumb str8 dudes are all the time jokingly as I am sure str8 dudes talk about us. This being offended at every thing someone says has gotten out of hand in our country.

  3. I was unaware that people outside the gay community even used “queen.”I think it was a bit of both.He was teasing but at the same time was saying the guy was gay for wearing pink socks.You do have to watch what you say on social media about anybody.I know a girl who was fired from a job because she was talking shit about the people she worked with.

  4. The way I see it is if you are not a queen, you should not be offended, period. I do believe it is a little ignorance on his part tho.

    I used to have a lil crush on him. He looks so damn good, and the body is right. He is a good man too despite all he has been through. Come see me Torrey, but ask your wife first. I don’t like married men, but if wifey says its cool, then I am all in.

    1. Damn Torrey is fine as hell, his lips is everything. Jamari you need to do a separate post on this Baller Wolf

  5. I never knew a Straight male who used the term “Queen” applied it and used it in a derogatory manner towards another male……The real question is where did Torrey learn this gay terminology from? and is he well verse in the alternative lifestyle? Hmm one only wonders lol

  6. Well, I don’t know if “Queen” is a gay slur but I do know that “Nigger”, “Nikka”, “Nigga” or any of its forms is a slur against black/African people and I do know that the use of it is part of the problem. Since you’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem, I have to ask you, Jamari, to stop using that term. People have died, been killed, lost jobs and hurt immeasurable due to the use of that term!

  7. No. Its not. TMZ (with our help) has launched a full on attack on Black men. Fuck that Jewish owned website. They want to know whether they should call us N*ggers or African American? They are out of line. The same would not be polled of a Jewish slur. Look at that mans twitter. Gay White boys and girls calling him N*gger because he used the word Queen. Im over it. You can debate this all you want. I’ll be damned if I side with those who’d call me N*gger just because I don’t agree with their Queeny ways.

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