“Burning Sands” Got Me Scared To Be Spanked (My Tail Sensitive)

have you watched the horror movie that is “burning sands” on netflix yet?
it wasn’t a horror,
but it felt like one!
it starred:

trevor jackon
trevante rhodes
other complications of fine black wolves
that pretty singing vixen from “empire”

well if you haven’t,
you need to do it today.
so “burning sands”,
in my font (without spoilers)…

…is about a group of 4 black wolves trying to get into a fraternity.
it’s about the hazing process that takes place during hell week to hell night.
it is a brutal look at what folks go through for “the brotherhood”.

we were just fontin’ about frat wolves at “hbcu” too.
that movie had my anxiety through the roof.
i don’t know if the movie is an exaggerated look at pledging,
but they could keep that!
i’m not being:

beat down
spit on

…just to be part of a group.
gay or straight.
the way my “get up and leave” is set up…
i guess this is why some greek organizations had a conniption about it.
they allegedly wanted the movie banned from seeing the light of stream.
i’m glad it was made.
i didn’t know,
but now i have an idea and i’m shook!
no disrespect to those who endured such a grueling initiation process tho.
i’m sure the perks are heavenly after.
you have this network that is damn near everywhere.
the movie was good and had great ambiance as well:

well i’ll just stick to fuckin’ a fraternity wolf.
go easy on spanking me with the paddle.
so foxhole,
if you watched the movie…

What are your thoughts?

lowkey: trevor jackson is cute af…

he is 20.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on ““Burning Sands” Got Me Scared To Be Spanked (My Tail Sensitive)

  1. Mitchell Edwards, the guy who played Stephon in the film, also had a role as a DL rapper on an episode of Law and Order: SVU. He was in love with a transgender prostitute/songwriter. Writing it out kind of makes it sound gritty, but it was actually a beautiful portrayal. Seriously, the man is wildly talented and has the acting range to play any part, I feel. You should check it out.

    It was Season 18 Episode 6: “Broken Rhymes”

  2. I went to an HBCU and much of the pledging process (line got dropped because of hazing) and this movie is SCARY accurate, at least for me. I found out about the movie last weekend from a classmate on that line and a lot of us have been talking about it ever since. “Taking wood” -(getting paddled), running errands for the guys, not being able to be seen on the yard, the fake ass mind games to form bonds, proving masculinity, the advisor who knows shit goes on, I could not believe it! During my time, we discovered very quickly that the bros were tryna test limits and see if the line was tight and once we stood together and said we ain’t w/ it, violence wasn’t a problem. Def took wood tho…errbody does…still laugh w/ my sister and friends to this day who crossed into other orgs (frats AND sororities) about not being able to sit down.

    One of my mentors apologizes all the time for hazing getting out of control. He crossed in the ’60s when you joined whatever club, learned your history and did a few rituals. Says he remembers when they started taking it underground and how it got out of hand so quickly…

    Hopefully, this opens the eyes of folk tho because it’s hard to imagine the founders of any org envisioning some of the stuff members do and represent. What does service and uplift for our people have to do w/ whooping my ass or running a train????

    Other things in the movie that had me 🤔:
    1) Trevor Jackson was fine as hell in the movie. Like even the way he wore his clothes!
    2) ol’ gurl from empire was soooo arbitrary…
    3) the DOCTOR bro who sends dude back to set with a fractured rib. Nigga what!?!?

    1. ^serayah’s role was pointless.
      she had no point.
      i liked the “hoe” because she was more complex.

      that whole rib situation was a mess.
      6 weeks to rest,
      but still go pledge?

      the movie lowkey traumatized me.
      i had to pause it a few times because i couldn’t believe what i was watching.
      i told someone that i would have joined a frat,
      but all that wouldn’t have been for me.
      im glad you shared your experience with the foxhole ty.

      1. Depends on the org and the specific chapter I guess – I’ve heard those stories. But when I say paddling, I’m definitely referencing it with jeans or pants on….

    2. Also went to an HBCU and I’m Greek. The movie was eerily accurate for me. Of course it didn’t really show you how you get drawn in and down for that shit but I looooved the scene when Zurich asked Ernest why he was down for hazing when he “didn’t need” the fraternity. I have always said we (Greeks) need to look at motivation before the intake process. I threw my hands up when it ended, though….LOL

  3. Well, when I saw you posted this entry earlier I decided to watch. I just finished it and it was really good, I heard of things going down like this.Thanks for sharing.

  4. I was LEGIT JUST TALKING ABOUT THIS MOVIE YESTERDAY! Most of my family is Greek, so they tell me lil stories about this and that. What they had to go through and some of the things they did to others. My cousin said a group of his brothers put a dude on dialysis and that’s why his frat is suspended for at least like 10 years or so. Then they went on the debate about who pledged harder (as always). One was on line for 8 weeks then one was on line for 10. That’s a lot of days you getting your ass whopped.
    They actually didn’t have anything bad to say about the movie. They said it’s pretty accurate to be honest. Surprisingly, they had an issue with Stomp The Yard. “That watered down version shit. All it showed was a behind the scenes of a probate. lol.”

  5. I was in a group that had a discussion about the behaviors that go on when people are pledging, and they went in on me because I was saying that if you have to be dehumanized in order to be part of a “brotherhood” then it’s not worth it. No one will put their hands on me, beat me, etc. Homie don’t play that.

    Well, I was told if I didn’t go through the experience I wouldn’t understand, etc. WTF?!!

    I argued my points, but it was pointless. I was told that I didn’t understand so STFU, period. LOL

    So I will leave it at that.

    1. ^well shit the foxhole won’t go in on you.
      most are already sharing their stories about the frat life.
      i share the same sentiments after watching the movie.

  6. I saw the burning sands as well. I was on line with 11 others and 4 of us dropped line (one ended up in the hospital). To this day, I respect both sides of the argument, but could not see the point of the excessive initiation rights we were enduring. Creating a bond-yes, but some of the other -ish–absolutely not. At the end of the day, if you want anything bad enough, you will endure whatever process you feel you have to go through to get it.

  7. I’d say the film seems pretty accurate. I didn’t pledge but all my friends did either Alpha, Que or Kappa. Can’t tell you how many runs I did to get first aid supplies (alcohol, peroxide, etc). To voluntarily let somebody beat you like slave, have guys come from surrounding colleges to beat your ass trying to inflict as much pain as possible. The cycle is never ending and guys wear it like a badge. i heard the stories first hand from my friends while they were pledging. So, it wasnt some rumor. I think what topped it for me was when they told me about some of the professional old heads coming back and hazing worse than the guys in college. wtf??? then you brand me and I volunteer and ask for it…okay and who does that make sense to? Slave owners did that too smdh.Brutality seems extreme to prove brotherhood. I had two friends…same frat… one stylish average smarts pretty boy spoke well and second super smart shy average dress average looks. Guess which one the frat network helped? I’m not anti fraternity but I dont think their founders had in mind what hazing has evolved into.

  8. I was upset that they ended the movie before showing the jailtime and the fact that nobody graduates but still have to pay back the student loans.

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