boosie tells lil nas x to commit suicide on twitter

this beef between boosie and lil nas x is getting a little…
so i never thought lil nas x would ever address boosie,
but i guess he wanted to have some fun.
i mean,
boosie been mentioning him every chance he gets for relevancy.
lil nas x said on his ig live that he has a song with boosie on the way.
this is what boosie responded via “the neighborhood talk“…

not boldly wanting someone to take their own life.

so many gays struggle with suicidal thoughts for simply being.
how ignorant of him to post such a disgusting response for something so minor.
when i went to boosie’s twitter to verify:

i’m so glad twitter did what it had to do.

i’m just gonna font:

Lil Nas X won.

for the number of times that boosie has mentioned lnx,
he never responded publicly.
it took one troll for boosie to react and hit below the built.
we stan when our enemies show their whole hand.
boosie did end up keeping this on his twitter:

 judging from an album that is number 6 on the billboard 200 charts,
with songs in the top 5 on all streaming platforms,
i think the public is satisfied with our decision.
if we were in “saw” and had to make a choice between the two to survive,
i think we would all collectively decide that boosie would…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “boosie tells lil nas x to commit suicide on twitter”

    1. Might as well gone and smash already! Damn! Had a guy hound me like this in High school. Capt of the bball team..exact shit. I was a Lil more popular than him and he couldn’t stand it. Dogged me at school…rang my phone at nite. One of my best turn outs…then he just got annoying.

        1. I don’t care for boosie but I agree with him. lil nas should off himself. He’s not a real artist. He’s another puppet the garbage… I mean “music” industry love pushing, to push agendas. And the fact that you gays think a black gay male being hyper sexual in their videos and live shows is ‘empowering’ shows how degenerate the GBT community is. Notice how white gays got more sophisticated, actually TALENTED acts that were taken seriously like Freddie mercury and Sam smith never had to do any of the hyper sexual BS. But black gays get a talentless tik tok gen z troll to represent them? Lmao the joke is on you. Fuck lil nas.

          1. Damn didn’t mean to reply that wack ass font seli or whatever. Oh well that’s this janky site for you. I’m done.

    2. I don’t care for boosie but lil nas and handsome don’t go in the same sentence, that insect is FAR from fine. And what does being young have anything to do with it? There are guys in their 40s and 50s that look better and fresher than lil nas’ scrawny ass.

  1. He’s so pressed like Lil Nas X Pinini song…girl go get some dick if you missed prison so bad from being someone’s prison bitch! Go back and get you sum. You always on a dick mission.

  2. When are people going to learn that sometimes (most of the time) the best response is NO response. This why Beyoncé is called the “Queen.”

      1. So how come the racist Instagram did not remove Boosies comments for going against community standards 🥺🥺those MFers are so inconsistent and fucked up

  3. At this point…..The OBSESSION is REAL!!! It honestly makes u sit back and wonder about Boosie….Everyone else is going about their own business…but he’s somewhere thinking and worrying himself about what Lil Nas X is out here doing 🤔

      1. Exactly….that would be something to see….I would love to be in that room for that sit down 💯😂🤣😆

  4. The icing on the cake would have been if Twitter removed his account like they did Donald Trump. This man is inciting hate.

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