kellon deryck is now checking box “single af” on paperwork

the foxhole is crazy observant.
i got about 7 messages within 2 days from different f-bi:

“Kellon Deryck isn’t wearing his ring.”
“I think Kellon is single now.”
“His fiance hasn’t posted him in this time and I think they are done.”

my foxes don’t play.
i can confirm through the source himself…

Kellon is single and back on the market.

my loins:

as my lust grew to hear that news,
i’m so disappointed with males these days,
i wasn’t even as interested as i should have been.

I know!
Jamari Fox not jumping to the chance to jump on Kellon,

i don’t have a lot of high hopes for males these days.

before i found out tho,
i kinda figured that kellon and the fiance were over tbh.
from the outside and the foxhole looking in,
there were a lot of reported breakups to makeups.
he was talmbout getting nudes on snapchat last week.
they also didn’t look like they were “a couple” to me.
i always got “friends” from them in pics.
there was no intimacy judging from the body language i’d see on social media.
i’m not fonting they needed to be tonguing each other down,
but they always looked closed off to each other.

Kellon always looks like he has walls up.

my foxy senses told me that they weren’t gonna last.
i’m really good at observing things outside of the pictures and videos.
i’m interested in finding out why he and his fiance called it quits.

so there is a single kellon deryck out in these forests again.
that should be interesting.
i think he should be single for a while and get him a cute “fwb” situation tho.
the last thing he needs is a rebound.

lowkey: i’d still let him smash me stupid tho.
i might not be looking for a relationship atm,
but i’d let him turn me tf out if the vibes were on 100.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “kellon deryck is now checking box “single af” on paperwork”

  1. LOL he had an open relationship. I know for a FACT about some guy that slept with him & I have receipts. His ex isn’t innocent either. Don’t fall for the hoopla, a lot of these gay public relationships are ALL smokes and mirrors.

      1. For starters, Kellon claimed to be top according to the guy. So he fucked the guy. But something tells me he will bottom at a given cost/opportunity. You just gotta approach him in a certain way

        1. I def see bttm vibes and nothing wrong w that. Poor guy all alone in NYC. What else u got? Is he short, like 5’8 or shorter?

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