another beautiful black woman killed by a dusty from under a couch (courtney cox)

as a black gay creative,
aiming to take his career to the highest of heights,

i have to be careful about what partners i let into my life.
i see so many gay males with good shit going on being absolutely careless.
they let anyone in their homes and up in them.

Loneliness causing a lack of common sense is the number one killer in this life.

on the flip side,
i know way too many black vixens who allow “anyone” into their lives.
i see so many black women putting up with nonsense just to say they’re in a relationship.
they get into these “r&b vixen songs” drama-filled relationships,
getting bred by the dustiest of males,
and being stuck with some loser for life because of loneliness.
courtney cox was a lawyer in atlanta who lived in an apartment building in midtown.
she decided to date a dusty and well…

A family is devastated and at a loss of words right now.

Their daughter was found dead inside a Midtown apartment unit.

Her alleged killer caused chaos early Wednesday morning during a shootout with police.

Courtney Cox’s loved ones confirm that she was in a relationship with her accused killer, 32-year-old Jarvis Jarrette.

The family said the 31-year-old was a beautiful soul who met a monster.

This was the scene early Wednesday morning after Atlanta police arrived at the high-rise apartment building on Peachtree Street in Midtown.

Police say Jarrette shot and killed Cox inside Atlantic House Midtown sometime after three in the morning.

“It appears that the suspect was inside the apartment,” Deputy Chief Charles Hampton said. “There was no forced entry or anything like that.” 

Police said Jarrette then started firing a rifle at first responders from the balcony on the 21st floor.

At one point, investigators said he jumped from balcony to balcony, firing shots inside and outside the building, shooting up several units.

They found Jarrette dead on a balcony.

this is jarvis jarrette:

we probably will never know why he killed her.
according to ( x baldwin2k ),
he has been arrested three times for minor shit but still.
they met over the summer and they were “crazy about each other“.
couples be “crazy about each other” during the honeymoon phase.
once thats over and the masks come off:

we gotta realize that…

 A majority of n*ggas,
gay or straight,
are losers and they don’t gaf who they destroy.

you literally gotta kiss the whole swamp to find a decent one.
i don’t know what she saw in him,
but what she didn’t see ended up taking her life,
along with the chaos he caused trying to be jason statham on a balcony.

may courtney cox rip.

lowkey: we gotta realize males and dating have changed since our parents.
social media and music has created too many degenerates.
even big mama had to deal with your father’s nonsense.
we gotta screen these folks thoroughly.

article cc: fox5atlanta

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “another beautiful black woman killed by a dusty from under a couch (courtney cox)”

  1. “aiming to take his career to the highest of heights,
    i have to be careful about what partners i let into my life.”

    PREACH, Jamari! Don’t let ANYONE interfere with you getting your ones up!

  2. The majority of “black males” are “losers”??? This your blog man and you say what you want but this does not sound right man…. Not at all!

    1. ^i didn’t say all black males are losers.
      i don’t think you are a loser.
      i’m not a loser.

      maybe i should have used the chris rock quote for this particular entry,
      but for black males.

      “there are black men and then there are nggas.”
      i think n
      ggas are losers and unfortunately,
      a majority of black males can be n*ggas.”

  3. Ugh, sad story. I hope we get to know more of what transpired with the two. Thats very selfish of him to take her life away and he probably was selfish in the relationship and controlling. Shit like this reminds me of that “Evil lives here” series, and I know ppl like that who will drag you to the bottom pits at your expense without a care. Those type of men are dangerous and hard to sway the victim out of the relation.

  4. Oh please. Most of the faggots out here have nothing to offer. Just like a dusty ratchet chick. I worked hard to get to my last years of my PhD and I can’t tell you how many faggot ass “models” “working in the fashion industry” “in between jobs” “working on myself” ass dudes are out there. No offense but most gays are trifling losers. Flamboyant or otherwise. This is a punishment from god. Fix your life, get right with god and live accordingly. All this feminine diva male every men carry is ridiculous. God bless all of you.

    1. Harvard Business Review 2017: Gay Men Used to Earn Less than Straight Men; Now They Earn More

      There’s a Black gay stylist couple on Netflix: Jason Bolden & Adair Curtis
      There are Black gay influencers raising children on YouTube: Terrell & Jarius, Richard and Carl
      There’s a Black gay couple that deal in politics: Rafer and Dr. Kelly Johnson
      There’s a Black gay ballroom couple who have a show on HBO and bodybuilding: Jarell and Tahj

      They’re not in the media like a Billy Porter or a Shaun T, but they’re out there.

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