Blac Chyna Stars As “Peppermint Petty”

blac-chyna-tyga-custody-battle-640x388blac chyna seems like a sweet vixen.
her cub is also really damn cute.
i felt her pain after her break up with tyga.
she gave her time,
and womb,
to that fuck-jackal only to be cheated on with an alleged pre-teen.
that had to have stung.
all while said pre-teen’s family invited her into their homes,
smiled up in her face,
but really knew what was up.
that is usually grounds for an ass whoopin’.
after they broke up,
she tried her hand at being an attentionista.
pretty much failed.
she isn’t amber rose.
well this is what happened after i saw this recent picture




for those who can’t tell whose arm that is around her neck,
or have been living under a rock with this story,
that is none other than:

rob kardashian.


now listen,
i’m all for levels of petty.
there are levels to pettiness.
when i’m hurt,
i’m usually on “seek until destroyed” mode.
it’s cute to say:

“well thats why i was fuckin’ your brotha/cousin/daddy/grandaddy/great gran daddy…”

…when you are really hurt.
sometimes the “best friend” if you are down in the trenches of petty.
the problem is,
the fat brother isn’t going to get shamed in the end.
you are.
unless you are both planning on falling in love,
getting married,
and somehow thottin’ and boppin’ your way into the family will….


i’d seriously go against it.
even though…
there is some joy when two animals come together to destroy a mutual enemy.
that’s always a blast.

for black chyna,
its that mole rat and the kat fish.
for robert kardashian,
it seems to be everyone sharing his bloodline.

blac chyna is getting the attention right now,
but after this is done,
it will be another:


how is she gonna top this stunt?
i think a another cub would be pretty damn fantastic.

if you gonna be petty,
make sure your pettiness helps you rise to the top.
success is the best revenge.
15 minutes of fame,
a couple memes,
and some insta-likes are all fun.
after that’s said and done,
scandals only last a few days.
someone is fuckin’ up right now to overshadow this fuckery.
blac chyna will be left in the shadows once again.
so remember folks:

Make sure your petty is working for you!

well unless it’s all a pr stunt.

lowkey: amber rose and blac chyna are trollin’ that family.
amber is following scott now.
2016 is year of the petty.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Blac Chyna Stars As “Peppermint Petty””

  1. What exactly was she before having a C-list rapper’s baby?

    And she’s not very cute to me either. She’s just a basic girl with plastic surgery.

  2. Damn this is some petty ass shit like damn is he really worth it. But hold on! Is she really doing this for Tyga o is she hurt that a person she thought she could trust stole her man and now she’s looking for blood. You’re talking about as if she is doing this because of Tyga but what this really looks like she want to get her fucking claws on Kylie.

    But I saw this meme about what Kylie could never be… Dark and a Kardashian. That was a muthafucking read for sure.

  3. She literally goes from one man to the next, but no one seems to really notice. She is determined to make sure that family pays. I do not blame her.

  4. -Yawn-

    The Kardashians are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. You can’t hurt someone that only care about money, when they’re as rich as they are. They care, but they don’t. They’ll turn this into PR and make more money off of it, and Blac Chyna will be forgotten. AGAIN. Just in the same way they did Brandy’s brother.

    Cause unless she’s bribing Rob with unlimited Pizza Hut pizzas, he’s not gonna want to be around someone who wants to be in the spot light anyway. Come on now…

    And Rob? Get out of here. He hates his family, but has no problem spending their money on cars and , well, food.

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