The Beauty of The Booty?

tumblr_nckwbozrwe1tebb41o1_500if my booty was as nice as kevin carnell from tumblr…

…you wouldn’t be able to put a pants on me.
tumblr_mn6awf3ye61qbbb7uo2_250i’m just saying.

someone asked kevin if he was a wolf,
or hybrid on tumblr.
he gave no response.
he should keep it a mystery.
we all assume what he might be,
but he may just not.
you want to know?
get to know him better and find out.
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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “The Beauty of The Booty?”

      1. None of y’all gonna do squats. Stop playing lol. If ya’ll are for real tho, make sure you do them right. I’m serious, everyone doesn’t know how to do squats. People be trying to cheat and not squat down like they are supposed to, then complain about not seeing results lol.

  1. If you do the squat challenge it better with weights because our asses are muscles, so you will need some resistance in order to see a growth on your booty.

  2. forget ass he has a NICE EVERYTHING..definitely getting vers or bttm tease from him with all of those shots from the back lol SN: anyways i actually started the squat challenge already from the day you posted it..and man WHOO my legs are feeling it, but on the other end i’ve been sleeping these last few days peacefully…however today is the rest day on the challenge and i’m right back in tomorrow..I’m going to keep trying

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