These People Out Here Ain’t Loyal or Nah?

Rottenecards_68723772_xsqs2m7zp2ive been noticing these people ain’t loyal these days.
people are so quick to jump ship at the slightest things.
where is the fight?
the “stand by their side“?
“…because it feels real good when somebodys got ya back” – aaliyah.
is everyone pretty much replaceable nowadays?
this situation with apple this week was an eye opener…

so as you know,
apple released the iphone 6 and 6+.

iphone6appleit sold about 10 million since its release.
everyone who is an apple fan was excited about it.
hell i even went with my homegirl from work to watch the madness.
well with everything,
there are always some issues that quickly follow.
a couple days before the new iphone’s came out,
apple released a new operation system,
“ios 8“.
i liked a lot of the new features,
but it had some bugs that they needed to fix asap.
so they released an update…
that ended up fucking everyone’s phone up.

sad-to-OMGnow usually i download updates when they roll out,
but because i was at work,
i didn’t bother to do it until i came home.
well thank god i didn’t.
people reported their touch id’s didn’t work,
massive phone service issues,
and basically putting all their phones useless.

i would go to ( x macrumors forums ) just to get updates of the issues.
every other post was:

“fuck apple!”

“i’m ready to go to android!”

“apple is officially going down!”

…and these were from supposed “fans”.

tumblr_lvnl5w4CXi1r7e1yoo1_500not once did i think of getting rid of my iphone 5s.
being a loyal long time apple user,
with all 3 apple devices i work with for this site,
i know that most updates come with their set of issues.
nothing is ever perfect.

the whole debacle last week made me think about loyalty.
i would like to think i am a loyal fox.
well unless you violate me and i cut you off.
it’s like me finally meeting a baller wolf,
he gets a career ending injury,
and i leave his ass for someone else.
foul behavior.
worst of all,
people leaving my site because:

a) someone tried to discredit me
b) i did something that was slightly controversial
c) someone deemed “better” comes along

it sucks that we are all just one scandal away from getting dropped.
i love that some of these people,
the attentionstos/nistas of the world,
think that their thousand followers on social media really have their backs.
hell even celebs nowadays with huge stan bases should be worried.
now some people do nasty evil things that add to their downfall,
but are slight honest mistakes enough to say “BYE PINEAPPLE!”?
we don’t remember the good times or the pleasure we received before.
its like people are waiting to say:


so i had to wonder…
if it is so easy for people to drop someone they followed,
or leave one product for another because of some minor defect

…were they even fans to begin with?

9 thoughts on “These People Out Here Ain’t Loyal or Nah?

  1. People who are threatening to leave Apple because of zero day bug are foolish and not really fans but bandwagonists. They offered an immediate fix and it wasn’t as if they left it to linger for days. They pulled the update with an hour of the discovery.

  2. Well, we have now reached a time where everyone has a motive, genuine people are almost extinct. I can’t keep friends in this lifestyle because they either want to have sex with me, or get jealous. People taking digs right to your face, man oh man. I just can’t with other men in the life lol. No new friends at this point. On social media, most of a person’s followers are only being nosy and possibly want to be in that person’s life intimately. Have you guys noticed when a man posts pictures of his girlfriend, he suddenly loses followers, almost instantly? These so called “fans” get upset when they can’t have you. Black women asking men are they gay and shit, they are so pathetic at times, not to mention desperate, and our community is exactly the same. You just have to watch you back, possibly your front as well lol. They find ways to get you.

    As for the malfunctions with Apple, that is why I’m Team Galaxy. I don’t fool with Apple…at all.

    1. ^they lose followers because they are built on body parts.
      I never understood why unfollow someone because they got in a relationship.
      these people ain’t had no chance lol

  3. No. They are bandwaggoners. This millenial generation which i’m a part of as well are masters of the bandwagon. We job hop for more money (baby boomers are with their companies until retirement. We’re constantly looking for the next best thing. Hence why we date and date and date. The girls think that it’s a Carrie Bradshaw world and Mr. Right will come along just like on tv. Noone wants to stick anything out. I have friends who say “I’m almost 30, at my age my mom/dad were married with two kids in kindergarten already”. I partly blame the media. Noone wants to stick anything out these days.

    1. ^i love this mac.
      if i had a live audience,
      id make them give out a standing o.
      its pathetic how people just bail on others.
      seriously makes me wonder if anyone got with a baller wolf,
      how fast would they drop him if he got injured?

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