Craigslist Is The New Online Wilderness

JONES_JAMESi thought this story was such a sad one.
an f-bi sent me this and i’ve been meaning to post it.
it just goes to show you really cannot trust anything you see online.
its heartbreaking that aspiring doctor and junior at clark atlanta,
james jones jr,
had to learn that tragically when trying to buy an iphone 6 off a craigslist ad
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These People Out Here Ain’t Loyal or Nah?

Rottenecards_68723772_xsqs2m7zp2ive been noticing these people ain’t loyal these days.
people are so quick to jump ship at the slightest things.
where is the fight?
the “stand by their side“?
“…because it feels real good when somebodys got ya back” – aaliyah.
is everyone pretty much replaceable nowadays?
this situation with apple this week was an eye opener…
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