aunt wendy williams debuts SHAPE (?!)

aunt wendy williams has an interesting shape.
bewbs on top; skinny down below.
she has given no fucks about ya’ll jokes in regards to her figure.
a foxholer sent me this following update on aunt wendy tho and…
via the daily mail

this is the promo for her upcoming podcast,
the wendy expereince:

this is an easy nope for me.
is it drugs?
her health on the decline?

what is happening and why are people allowing this to happen?

see more pictures: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “aunt wendy williams debuts SHAPE (?!)”

  1. I don’t know who is in her inner circle now I read that she wouldn’t see her son Kevin Jr.She claims she’s married, her rep says she’s not married.Reportedly she still can’t access her accounts at Wells Fargo.And on a shallow note who is doing her hair and makeup?

    It’s sad 😔

  2. Clearly this women is not physically or mentally well, it could be dementia, Alzheimer’, schizophrenia etc. but i believe it’s time for her to retire. Plain & simple, people are insane if they think she’s in any form to carry ANY type of show

    1. Divorce and the husband with the new baby, losing her Mother, took a toll. I believe it is temporary. I believe she will return a transformed, informed, kinder woman at some point.
      Gossip hurts people. Unkind, judgemental comments from a person with a wide audience like she used to have injured a lot of fragile egos in the entertainment industry.
      She planted cruel seeds, reaping a cruel harvest. 🙏for her recovery.

  3. J, The Daily Mail is the UK equivalent of The National Enquirer, both tabloids so it’s very far from a reliable source. Those pics are more than likely photoshopped. But still, at 57 wearing booty shorts is not advisable lol. Some people can pull it off but most can’t. Besides dressing young like that just accentuates ones age.

    Watching her interview that you posted awhile back, she was obviously mentally unwell. She had a hard time focusing & answering questions got sidetracked easily. So she has something going on. I say it’s early onset Alzheimers but w/o a Drs exam it’s hard to say for sure.

    BTW that link to Instagram is no longer functioning, at least for me.

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