are you ready to purr for bobby lytes?

bobby lytes has come a long way.
he has dipped his paws in reality tv and sex work.
he has always been looking for a wolf in between alla that.

So why not do it on TV too?

the foxhole blew up my box with the trailer for “bobby i love you, purr“…


uh huh.
why do they have to be fighting like a pack of wild animals?
is that helping prove their love for bobby?
i’m confused.

with the help of rolling ray and jason lee,
will be trying to find a love match for bobby.
i did peep our straight bimbo for hire,
grandy glaze:

and someone who has ( x dated bobby in the past ):

some of these matches aren’t recognizable to me tbh.
an f-bi let me know many do sex work.
one is a rapper who did a song with andre:

i’ll be 110%

Why not just pick the one that matches Bobby’s vibe?

the cute fwb with the big penis and attentionisto ways.
they’d look kahute together…

do bobby really want a straight bimbo or a bunch of fighting jackals?

probably not.
“bobby i love you, purr” will premiere on zeus on august 21st.

lowkey: imagine if prince michael was on this show…

that sexual tension tho…
*runs outta entry*

13 thoughts on “are you ready to purr for bobby lytes?

  1. Do yall see why I went white and straight, now??!!

    I just can’t take this being the only depiction of black, gay men in media. None of my friends act like this.

  2. Helllllllllllllll Nawwwwwwwwww !!!This is trash, Trash Ratchet Trash….. and I love it.!! Sign me up!!!

    1. hahahahahahahaha

      Why risk catty shade directed at you at a club when you can observe it from a safe distance and avoid being caught in a catfight?

  3. I hate to be late, but WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Who is the person rolling around in a wheelchair? Is this REAL???? OMG, LMAO….seriously, though, who are they? Did I miss something in black, gay pop culture?

    1. ^ i hate to be that fox as well but…

      i don’t know much about rolling ray.
      i don’t watch reality tv so i missed his debut.
      i know he was on catfish tho.
      we have talked about him on the foxhole a lot of times.
      the attentionistos too.

  4. The fact that he and Rolling Ray are rivals and Rolling Ray created “purr”, chh, this is shady shady shady. Rolling Ray needs a show before Bobby. He made that iconic Catfish and court show episodes LEGENDARY!

    And Beyonce lives for him. He is my kind of messy. Not that throwing drinks y’all live for on Real Housewives. Rolling Ray will be violent with his words. The gays don’t know how to read these days. They just repeat what they see on Twitter and TikTok.

    1. I have to agree, he had Judge Lynn Toler heated in that courtroom rolling around. Judge Faith needed the ratings cause it didn’t give what it was supposed to gave. Catfish, purrrr.

      This show, Zeus just trying to come for VH1 crown by allowing nudity since its not a real TV network. Its giving I thought Gak was “straight” but you on here fighting for Bobby and you got vids on Twitter taking dick. Now Andre on here. This sounds like Bobby, Jason Lee, and Rolling Ray took their 15 mins of fame and made it into a show. Stealing VH1 reality show format but with a tease of Skinemax. Bobby is not a porn star, he just like sucking a big dick like the next bottom. This is looking like the whole beef was setup from jump to get people to watch this ratchet shit.

  5. Foxhole don’t judge me. My friends and family say I’m classy. I’m educated and I’m a down to earth person but I enjoy trash tv and I’ll be tuning in just to see rolling ray. Bobby should have never touched his face. Secondly when did Bobby get a BBL lol. Can Grandy just come out the closet already. No straight Man is doing all of this. At least identify as Bisexual.

    1. ^ i feel like reality tv likes to draw us in with fighting but with all the mass violence happening right now,
      it doesn’t hit the way it use to before 2019…

      am i wrong?

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