so i was in a covid coma the last few days

i know many in the foxhole have been wondering:


where did our Jamari go…”

i saw the emails and heard the faint ding of my dms.
first off…


i appreciate those who checked in.
where was i?

I was asleep.

oh yes…
a fox was sleeping heavy.
last saturday,
i went ahead and got the rona booster.
here i was expecting crazy side effects from it.
this is what one of the foxholers sent me a few days before:

so i was READY.
but ready.
i prepared an excellent “rona care package” for the impof ending doom.
it wasn’t until the next couple days that i was hit with the worst fatigue.
my arm was hurting but that was child’s plahad beenompared to how tired i was.

I felt like I was in a Covid (Booster) Coma since Sunday.

i had no energy to do shit.
i woke up to pee but i felt lightheaded standing up.
i wasn’t on my phone as much to get the latest.
i’m now catching up on everyone’s updates with the surprise pikachu face.
i’m still going through some messages but a lot has happened.
some stuff is late af so i dunno how to even cover it.

My “Return To The Lands of the Living” Return Arc starts…

lowkey: oh,
some shit went down last friday too.
we will talk about that after hours.

7 thoughts on “so i was in a covid coma the last few days

  1. Glad ur feeling better. And I hope you called the number I posted a few weeks ago for the NYC monkeypox vax! Covid is hot n cold, depending on ur underlying conditions, but monkeypox sounds painful (and looks atrocious) for everyone.

    I had covid for a 2nd time (fully vaxd and DOUBLE boosted) so the 2nd time, having lost smell, the main issue was the fatigue. I still don’t feel 100%, and I had it over a month ago. I’m functional, but it just made me only want to move to take a leak. Covid can be rough, (my first bout, at the top of the March 2020 outbreak was a breeze, basically), but the pox is ravaging these hoz out here.

    FYI, I still haven’t been alerted abt a 2nd dose appt, (yall know there’s no rush to supply some shit that is associated w ‘the gays…’, but at least having ur first dose will help cut ur risk.

    Stay safe out here yall. While, quiet as its kept, yall need to stop treating sex like a handshake…please sleep w Palmela Handler until ur vaxd and this shit dies down. And remember that all of the other things are still out in these streets.

  2. I had side effects too and ad the worst headache of my life and I couldn’t swallow for 2 weeks. It felt like sandpaper rubbing against itself and we swallow tons of times involuntarily.

    I’m so glad you’re okay. The effects were mostly just your body preparing for if you actually get it. They vary from person to person.

    Are you going to get the monkeypox one?

    Love you!

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better.Fortunately my booster side effects were the same as my 2nd vaccine shot,mild muscle aches that lasted about 24 hrs.

  4. Glad you are among the living again! Good it was only from the booster & not the actual covid. I’ve had it twice unfortunately, even though I thought I was being as safe as possible & neither time was pleasant. Just imagine what you experienced for 10 full days. Ugh! I didn’t experience any symptoms w/the shots or booster though. So happy to hear you are doing good. Cheers!

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