Are You Willing To Wear A Short Skirt and Stockings For Ya Man?

SHORTSKIRTANDSTOCKINGSso one of my f-bi just sent me this video.
left me speechless.
if you’re wondering,
yes i did giggle.
after watching the videos,
they left me wondering something when it comes to fetishes
(btw the following is nsfw,
and “not for straight eyes”…)

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 5.48.52 PMwould you put on a skirt and some stockings on one of those “freaky” nights?
some wolves are into a fox wearing vixen attire.
they like you to seriously play the part of a vixen in the bed.
d/l fantasies, maybe?
after watching these three videos:


i had to wonder:

How far are you willing to go for someone’s fetish?

lowkey: my fetish is for a man to be a man.
he needs to look like one,
act like one,
and fuck me like one.
if that makes me a bad person then i’ll beez that.
if we gonna role play in costume,
i prefer it to be like:

x this

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Are You Willing To Wear A Short Skirt and Stockings For Ya Man?”

  1. Why Lawd Why, Jesus be a tummy tuck or at least a good girdle. My eyes will forever be burned looking at this lol. They say fat pussy is the best pussy to each his own, look like the wolf was enjoying all that XXL loving. As far as masculine dudes, masculine gay dudes can sometime be the biggest bitches, more petty and catty than any women or flaming queen.

  2. I must also mention.No shade to the guy in this picture but does it remind anyone else of a roasted pig on a dinner table with an apple in it’s mouth?

  3. Remember that boxer Oscar De La Hoya was caught in a scandal when pics were released of him dressed in stockings, a wig, and I think he was also wearing a dress and some lip-stick.

    I agree with what LB4 said too.I never understood why the trend of wearing women’s pants/clothes started.Kanye, Justin Bieber, and many straight wolves made it like it was something to be proud of even though they call us fags and say “no homo” after any hint of gayness.

  4. Hey I fucked this masculine dude in Los Angeles once who showed up in women’s panty hose and a thong. Nicest guy and so unlock able you would have beer know. He said liked the way women’s underwear feels. Hey not my thing but to each his own. Not judging.

  5. I don’t support that I abort that. Some of that stuff its just not my cup of tea. I guess I’m just boring. If I wanted to d!ck down a tran tran I would still what them to be butt ass naked.

    1. No one is an outcast. We are all just different. Everyone has a certain type and is into different fetishes. It is that simple. Most masc dudes aren’t into this type of thing tho. I am most definitely not. I love feet though, and my foot fetish is something serious. I can rub and suck on some feet now.

  6. Damn you Jamari! You are going to pay for that picture. The only socks I want my dude to wear are the ones on his feet, regular socks. I don’t like shit like this.

  7. It’s a lot of masculine men out here like Lindo said that like to wear the tightest of underwear and shirts to show off their bodies.

    I will never forget this one guy who I knew through a friend say that he wanted to find some underwear that would make his ass look good when he goes to the beach.

    I almost threw up.

    Why do men care if their ass looks good in jeans, underwear? Also men who wear low cut shirts to show off their “cleavage”. smh.

    Maybe it’s just me but I just honestly feel that some shit should be left for women. JMO.

    1. ^maybe i don’t understand being gay.
      if you are gay,
      because you like men,
      then why try to do things females do?
      now i can understand why men like transsexuals,
      but when a masculine man is putting on dresses and stockings…
      that’s kinda weird to me.

      1. Dressing is definitely not a gay thing.
        It’s a mental thing. Str8 men do the same kind of shit or worst.
        You can tell who is the freakish person in the room by the way they act and conversation. It very easy and accurate. For example people who are “stuck-up” and act so disgust by sex are the one who the biggest hoes. Homophobes, why do you think they hate gays for? Umm because they are gay themselves. People who look like saints are the sinners.

  8. You will be surprised by super masculine wolves like probably 80% of them are into crossdressing and taking big fat ass dildos up their asses. One guy who was a wrestler at my high school who was a man’s man and when he found out i was gay, he hit me up and wondering how i feel about him dressing and putting make up on. This is why I don’t date guys who are just masculine because of this.

    1. ^wow really lindo?????
      yeah I heard a popular social media baller wolf,
      who has since been retired,
      allegedly likes to be dressed up as a baby and spanked.
      people have a lot of interesting fetishes out there

      1. Hell yea! And there a boxer who wore pantyhose and skirt (I believe) and the woman she slept with shown the pictures of him wearing them and of course he made excuses blah, blah, blah. Don’t always judge a book by it covers and be careful when you open it because you can have a huge excitement that will leave with the biggest disappointment of your life.

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