andrew caldwell had to delivert an ass whuppin’

everyone meet the new “cleo” in “set it off“.
i would font this is a good copy with the cornrows.
well that’s andrew caldwell aka mr “i’m delivert“.
who knew he had paws tho?

its always the un-suspecting ones,
although andrew gives me a strong “ticky boom“.
andrew was in a bit of an altercation in the forests yesterday.
two white jackals called him the “n” word and he had to bring them to glory…

this is a better clip off twitter:

can we talk about how loud i screamed at the gospel music?
his dancing after he whooped ass?

lowkey: did the dude in the car call him the “f” word?

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “andrew caldwell had to delivert an ass whuppin’

    1. I’m surprised he didn’t take his attention to the black dude calling him the f-word…twice.

      It’s ironic, white people call us the n-word, n our own people call us the F-word.

      Gay, black can’t catch a break i swear. Always somebody to put us down.

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