christopher joyner wants us to join him (and his penis) on a new journey

for the life of me,
i couldn’t figure out where i saw christopher joyner before.
i was like is he an actor?
a singer?
have i messed with a lookalike in my past?

it clicked to me this video i posted on the foxhole ig:

he’s the one with the nice pipe!”.
well christopher is fine af

he has face,
tall af,
voice on deep,
and a nice tail on him:

oh hi.
i’m horny.
nice to meet you.
well chris has joined the onlyfans wave as well.
i mean look at this sneak peek


i told you he got booty.
chris was buggin when he had his onlyfans at 30 bucks.

he was advised to drop that price and he listened.
we stan a wolf who listens!
he is charging 15 dollars for his content,
but requesting these kind of prices:

…for the exclusive content.
4 minutes of jackin off for 200?
i better have the nut on my face at the end of it.
he gon’ learn to keep his prices reasonable.
i think all the pussy he has gotten in the past is clouding his judgment.
i asked him what his content would entail:

i would have been there if i could see what kind of plumber he is.
he looks like he lays some good pipe.
i can see it in my spine.
in my head tho,
he pulls hair while biting his lips deep in someone’s daughter.
ah well.
i’lll just have to be content with him doing this…


…and looking like a full course meal while doing it.

lowkey: call me when he uploads a sex tape.
he is friendly so that’s a plus.

check out his onlyfans: here

check out his ig: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “christopher joyner wants us to join him (and his penis) on a new journey”

  1. Must be hard times when ppl join the onlyfans wave…Mandingo Gucci been posting comments from ppl up and down about a place he got off of onlyfans cash!

  2. Social media is about to onlyfans me to death. An entire generation of porn stars, escorts, etc has been created from this wave. They start off as personal trainers, insta models, etc, then once they hit a certain number of followers, the half naked pics and thirst traps start coming out followed by the onlyfans link. That’s pretty much the standard formula they all use.

    1. The onlyfans market has been overly saturated that it is getting ridiculous and I’m just sitting here looking for leakage instead. Too much money to waste on onlywhack content cuz most is giving that for whatever price they may charge.

  3. $30!!!What in the…Look I may be thirsty and stupid enough to sign on an attentionisto’s page once in a while but there are limits, LIMITS to my stupidity and I’m maxed out on that.

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