And The Results Are…

tumblr_m7f5t26vsR1qz4d4bo1_400so as i was at the laundry today,
i decided to call the doctor to find out my results.
he told me to call today and he would tell me over the phone.
i won’t lie…
i was nervous as hell.
what if this doctor told me something to destroy my life?
how will i handle it?
well i asked mi to be with me as i got the results…

1082141743everything in my blood work came back good!

hiv: negative
kidneys: functioning
diabetes: nope
cholesterol: fine

he did say i was a little anemic,
but everything else was a clean bill of health.

“no more stress for you.” – he said.

i was too busy:
no i need to work on this stress tho.
mi was really happy i was okay.
she was worried,
but she knows i stress real heavy.
so i went and bought:

cod liver oil

i will also be looking into the gym and trainer next week.
this great news couldn’t come on a better weekend!
thank you for those who kept me in your prayers!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “And The Results Are…”

  1. Nice. Just don’t overindulge in those vitamins or you could get a kidney stone or worse… If so be sure to take them naturally by eating foods that have those nutrients.

  2. Yay J. Glad you didn’t just WebMD diagnose yourself like most of us (me!) do. Now go and drop it for a real nigga, lol.

  3. Glad you have a clean bill of health, now let’s get your stress in order. Maybe you should try meditating.

  4. I’m happy everything’s fine J!
    Try not to stress out too much! You wouldn’t believe what it does to your body! Our minds are a lot more powerful than most of us think, for the good and for the bad!
    Camomile tea is really soothing, and so is Jasmine Tea!,
    Sometimes, a nice drink hits the spot (but only in moderation, of course)
    Cardio does wonders, and so does sex 😉 but I don’t have to tell you that lol

  5. Yay. I’m happy for you.Stress is no joke. Especially how it can affect us physically. Men are more prone to stress. And it’s not like we have it hard like the male, caucasian heterosexual. See what I did there? Take care of yourself J. I look forward to reading your site daily.

  6. I knew you were stressed out. Glad the tests came back okay. From now on please try to live less in your head and more in the real world and don’t let folks’ actions drive you into bad health. I’m glad you are going to take up personal training. Exercise is good. Try…please try…to get a decent fuck buddy to take off the edge. Seriously.

    Love your crazy ass, Immanuel

    P.S. When you writing about Queen Latifah in the “Bessie” movie? I’m dying to hear what youse got to say! And did she come out yet? My partner said she did but I don’t think so.

    1. ^shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit im already two steps ahead looking for that cutty buddy.
      im not going on a chat site to find one tho.
      with god’s grace,
      i can meet one in the gym.
      or street walkin’ lol

      I gotta check out bessie.
      heard good things.
      queen is not out,
      but it seems these days she isn’t hiding either.

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