America’s Most Wanted Dollar, Creflo Dollar.


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12 thoughts on “America’s Most Wanted Dollar, Creflo Dollar.”

  1. thing is that preachers kids normally act out… so the real question is what did SHE do that pissed him off.

    1. ^i know quite a few pastor’s whores and drug addicts.
      Even though I’m not a fan of his,
      I hope he wasn’t thrown in jail for a misunderstanding.

  2. I’m not saying it’s right, but sometimes you have to be a little more aggressive in your raising of your child, especially a teen.

    He didn’t use a weapon or beat her senseless. She probably said something out of the way that got him riled up.

  3. I can’t believe he choked her. Damn what the hell did she do that was so wrong? Pastors are the worst ones though.

    S/N: I’ve always wanted to bang out a pastor.

    1. They can be the best lovers if you meet the right one that’s sexually comfortable in their own skin and willing to live on the dl…….

  4. Won’t be choking my children, but you best believe I will be whooping ass. Consistently.

  5. Well damn he must have snapped and thought he was back in the day before he got saved and was a pimp. He treated her like one of his bottom B’s and pimp slap and choked her. Damn talking about Im Creflo Dollar and I will make you hollar, if you get out of line with me. She was a $10 dollar bill and he made change out of her ass. Poor thing, I know the Mothers Board is having a prayer circle as I type this. Is he going to be on the upcoming season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. That damn Atlanta is one of the entrances to the Gates of Hell. The whole ratchet place needs to be sprayed with a XXL can of Redeemed Blessing Oils.

  6. Dollar Bill know he wrong.

    Spare the rod (‘shebet”), spoil the child (Proverbs 23:13 -14) didn’t mean a literal wooden blunt object, it was a metaphor for the Hebrew god’s authority aka the ‘rod of correction’ in this instance.

    Don’t beat your children–never let them think it’s okay for someone to put their hands on them.

    You wouldn’t assault an adult (some of y’all thugs would, especially if you’re an Aries– just saying, no names, LOL) so why is it okay to assault a child?

    This is part of the reason why there are so many emotionally stunted adults now.
    DMX springs to mind, any fox, wolf, of vixen with an abusive partner–the connection between love, affection, and violence had to start somewhere.

  7. She tried to go to a party at 2am in the morning an she snatched away from him some of you should get the entire story before posting comments on a situation you know absolutely nothing about. My mom would have put her foot in my chest if I did what she did its sad that if he were to let her leave at that hour an something would have happened to her we would be on this forum talking about how bad of a parent he is.

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