Don’t Expect To Have Anal Sex With These Rappers


Back in 2004,
when i had a silver flip Nextel,
Usher was dominating the charts with “Confessions“,
Destiny’s Child re-formed,
G-Unit were factors,
and a couple rappers didn’t think anal sex was IN

“what did nore say about me?”

… I wonder if those opinions have changed today?

…and lord knows many of those rappers are now distant memories.

did you peep wayne’s answer?

7 thoughts on “Don’t Expect To Have Anal Sex With These Rappers

  1. the only ones i believe are the ones who said they never done it… the rest of them niggas explaining and givin essays… I just know they doin anal

  2. Did you catch how many of them felt the need to refer to a woman in some way? It was already implied that the sex would be between them and a woman. No need to be so insecure. But then again, a few of their sexual preferences were in question back then (and now).

  3. Half of them are probably lying, but who cares. Joe Budden is the only one I wanna poke out of all of them anyway. His ex, Somaya Reece did an interview a couple of years ago with the star and bucwild show, and she said that he’s not what he portrays himself to be behind closed doors. The interviewer asked her, did she ever insert foreign objects up Joe Budden’s butt during intercourse? Somaya told him that she couldn’t answer that question for legal reasons. LOL. She also hinted that he has Erectile Disfunction. I don’t know if all that stuff is true though, but I still love Joe, and I think he’s really cute n sexy.

    I’d still hit though even if he does have ED, I don’t need his pipe anyway.

    1. Joe seems like such a sweetie, albeit a little crazy.

      Lil’Wayne is and will always be trash.

    2. Buddy boy need to stop…

      He did say he wasn’t sticking dick in nobody’s ass. He ain’t said shit about dick invading his though. If he could just accept who he really is things would go a lot better for him.

      Memph Bleek and Pastor Troy (Dead@Gotdamn nigga. We ain’t in jail–the fuck?) both of them need to stop too.

      Lil Weezy–no words.

      Birdman told on himself on the song #1 Stunna: I like to fuck ’em in the ass/while he beat up the pussy.

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