A Fucked Up Treatment of Staggering Fox

c40f6978c688d3ec613131bc70a00eb8you know what disgusts me the most?
the fact i’m not getting any respect as to my fate with this job.
i have to find out from co workers about these “big changes”.
most of my co workers in my department are acting lost,
but they do know what something involving me is going to change.
hence “the big changes”.
my boss told them to have me train them on various projects.
you know what’s the crazy part?…

he hasn’t told me shit yet.
he is using others as messengers to approach me.
when i asked to meet with him,
he blew me completely off.

all in the name of passive aggression,
i guess?

one of my co workers ended up spilling the beans to me.
she confirmed thing 2’s story.
my boss has been having “secret meetings and interviews”.
when i leave is when he does his interviews.
she also told me he has been meeting with mr. green as well.
i won’t lie,
but it brought me down.
do i really deserve to be treated like this?
i did my job impeccably and this is the thanks i get?
i created a great reputation at my job.
things don’t even function correct when i’m not there.
vip clients,
and assistants always appreciated my work ethic.
so it’s no much the leaving that bothers me,
but it’s the way this is all being handled by my boss.
it is real messy and unprofessional.
so i guess he won’t give me the luxury of knowing whats the deal?
he gonna do it the day before?
the day of?
come the fuck on.
this whole situation is like a bad nightmare.


i pray God has a better outcome in all of this.

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25 thoughts on “A Fucked Up Treatment of Staggering Fox”

  1. Fuck Em‼️ Do what you gotta do man. Be the best you you can be bro. Do not let all that work bull shit change who you are. Work on your plan to get a gig with that Entertainment boss. Your success will be the best revenge. Too bad you work in private industry and not in civil service. You could have gotten in your bosses ass backed by the power of civil service laws and most importantly, A UNION.

  2. I’m not understanding why he has so much hate towards you. Is he homophobic, did someone put something in his ear about you, do you think Liar Liar told him stuff about you. I’m just so lost, I hope you have everything documented because this just seems like it’s a personal issue.

  3. HR Immediately. Stop playing with these idiots. You have all your receipts look into wrongful termination. Lawsuits. Something.

    1. Wrongful termination? Under what grounds Discrimination,Retaliation??
      I’m not disagreeing with you I am just wondering under what grounds could he sue

      1. Although many employment relationships are “at-will,” meaning that either the employer or the employee may terminate the relationship at any time with or without reason, that does not mean that employers can act in a discriminatory manner. If an employer terminates an employee, even one who is “at-will,” in violation of federal, state, or local anti-discrimination laws, it can face serious legal troubles.
        Federal anti-discrimination laws protect employees from being discharged or otherwise penalized with respect to the terms and conditions of employment on the bases of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, pregnancy, and age. State laws may mirror these categories of protections and may also expand upon them.
        Not all wrongful discharge claims are discrimination-based. If an employee is given a contract of employment, either expressly or impliedly, and is terminated before the expiration of, and in violation of, that contract he or she may be able to bring a claim for wrongful discharge and breach of employment contract.
        Wrongful discharge suits may also be brought in situations where the employer has retaliated against an employee for exercising a right that is supported by public policy within the jurisdiction. For example, if an employee is terminated because he or she reported the employer to a governmental body for violation of workplace safety laws, the employee may be able to successfully bring a wrongful discharge lawsuit.
        If an employee refuses, at the demand of the employer, to perform an illegal act and is subsequently terminated, there may be a wrongful discharge cause of action. For example, if a construction employer demands that an employee perform work at a height without safety ropes, and the employee refuses and is thereafter fired, they may be able to bring a wrongful discharge claim.
        If an employee is terminated for taking time off under a law which gives him or her a legal right to have that time off, such as time off for voting or military service, he or she may also have a wrongful discharge cause of action.
        An employer who has not followed specific disciplinary and termination policies that are in place can also face a wrongful discharge suit. For example, if an employer has a handbook that states that employees are entitled to receive two written warnings for misconduct or poor performance before they are terminated, and an employee is terminated after receiving only one verbal warning, that employee may be able to successfully bring a wrongful discharge action.
        If you are the victim of a wrongful discharge due to your membership in a protected class, there are some situations in which you cannot immediately bring your employer into court. Instead, under most federal laws you must first file a charge of complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Similarly, if you are seeking the protection of state anti-discrimination laws, you must file a charge or complaint with the state or local equivalent agency. Make sure that you review and understand the legal requirements you must comply with in bringing a wrongful discharge claim.
        Depending upon the situation, damages available to wrongfully discharged employees can include back pay, promotion, reinstatement, front pay, compensatory damages, required reasonable accommodations, injunctive relief, punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees.
        Given the myriad of ways in which an employer can wrongfully discharge an employee, the number of reasons (whether legal or not) that an employer may give for discharging an employee, and the significant damages that may be awarded, it is a good idea for both a terminated employee and an employer to retain counsel. An experienced attorney can help sort out the various issues and protect the rights and reputations of their client, whether the client is the employee or the employer.

      1. @Y Colette…Yes, any company that operates in NY or any other “at-will” state can terminate a position/employee for any reason they so deem necessary.

        @S&M…Jamari would have to prove that they discriminated against him, and for that to happen he would need his co-workers support in that, and sadly I don’t see that happening. Companies do some foul things to cover their asses when letting employees go.

        I work in HR and as much as they tout looking out for the employee…the main thing to keep in mind is that their first loyalty is to the company, and to ensure that they cannot be sued and/or held liable for anything. We’ve suggested in the past when dealing with Liar Liar that he go to HR, and that got him nowhere. It seemed like HR didn’t even want to get involved…which I found disturbing.

        One thing I always tell people is to document everything. Times, places, what was said, etc. This covers you in the event something happens down the road. I get my shady co-workers all the time with that. I’ll let them know in a minute, yeah you said it on such and such date, at this time. I don’t get caught up in office politics, but one thing you will not do is try to discredit me to make yourself look good. Not gonna happen.

  4. These mofos are something else, shit I agree with some of the other above go to HR and explain the situation. tell them that you have been getting worried that you’re going to be let go from other people and not from your boss directly tell them everything and bring your receipts.

  5. Jamari, my spirit does not feel right about this. He’s not spilling the beans and your left out in the cold. Don’t let your arrogant superiors have their way. Ask what is going on with this shake up of organization and not being direct and demand some answers. I’m sorry but their rotten attitude spells fire.

  6. Something isn’t adding up. If you have done such a great job… talk to Mr. Green since it seems like you all have a great relationship. What if the ones talking are creating a bunch of mess unnecessarily

    1. Been here. Done this. At an “at will” company and in an “at will” backwards state, no less. Sued and won. Look into the situation deeper. All may not be loss.

  7. Sorry you going through this J. I know that this up in the air feeling is killing you but don’t let it get you down. Now more than ever you need to keep your head up and focus on your plan moving forward. I agree with Tony talk with Mr. Green cause if you have a good rep and do great work then your good relationship with him might motivate him into looking into this. It’s a good thing you’ve been keeping that documentation, looks like you might be needing it.

  8. God has a plan for you, trust Him. Be strong, do what you have to do and go with dignity. I’m sorry you have to live that but know that the best is yet to come. I pray for you brother.

  9. You should take all of this bullshit as a compliment Jamari. It’s confirming your suspicions, they’ve been trying to break you lately so they could get their use out of you and get you to quit, it didn’t work.

    You stuck it out. This man is so intimidated and upset about you that he’s resorted to avoiding you and doing shit behind your back instead of confronting you directly. Then he realizes he has to find more than one replacement to be able to efficiently replace you, he still needed you to train them too, he clearly knew you were good at your job.

    Now’s the time for you to focus on yourself and what comes next. You also can stop bending over backwards for them, focus on yourself and do ONLY your job. Figure out what all you can drain out of this before you’re gone

  10. Dear JAMARI

    I read your blog from Paris and my advice to you will be to ask à meeting with thé hiérarchical superior of your boss to call à meeting rgarding this situations and whats really going on with your boss.

    Dont let things blow into proportions, explain everything even the fact hé refusés to meet you rgarding whats hes beeen planning.

    Find allies and People Who could testify about thé quality of your work n are ready to défend your interests at thé highest.

    Dont be soft or a cry baby its time to be proactive and I blâme you for not searching jobs harder knowing this thing would happen.

  11. Jamari-
    Let it all out herein with your people, not at work. Emotion are for home and work is about cash. Your job is over. It’s gone. It can’t be saved. They don’t want you no mo’. All that remains is how you leave and what they give you as you walk out the door. Their respect won’t pay your rent. But, a severance check will. Don’t forget Old Negro Proverb #1; Fuck em. They never loved yo’ Black ass no way. Your energy should be focused on how to leave with more cash than they are now intending to give you. Find your points of leverage, which are not in how much of an ass your boss is. I know it’s not easy, but you will be glad you did if you make your full time job leaving with more cash. There is no reason to hasten the day when he calls you into his office because you don’t yet know how to get more cash out of them.

  12. I would just ask straight out are you getting laid off and if so why? This is your livelyhood, even if you have your issues with the job you can’t just sit back and be the last to know what’s going on with your position at the company. As many messy people as they have working for them, their single layoff is someone who doesn’t keep mess going and takes pride in doing a good job? If this is the case trust, God is just escorting you off a sinking ship. Karma is a bitch. This place can’t keep being successful treating their supporters like shit.

    1. Clarity is for people with 6-8 months of expenses saved up or with well-situated family to fall back on. The rest of us need our paychecks for as long as they can keep coming.

    1. ^thats in two weeks.

      i was too tired to write about this latest development.
      i will update tomorrow!
      thank you everyone for all the advice and well wishes.
      im coming to peace with this job ending.

      1. Stop wasting energy on these fools….You hate the job now it’s time to move on. He is doing you a favor as you wouldn’t act on the situation now it acting on you. You spoke of the hobbit being ideal.Step out of faith and really go after something and stop settling for bullshit. Low key he probably reads your blogg.

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