How To Lay Off Jamari Fox In A Professional Way

my job is laying me off.
i have to finish out this month and then i’m done.
oh the funny part?
i had to find out from someone else and not my boss.
someone who isn’t even in my department.
someone who heard it from someone else.
i guess he is waiting to tell me as a surprise.
so thing 2 pulled me to the side this afternoon…

…and she wanted to fill me in on what’s going down.
it seems that all i have been doing,
all of this extra work and randomly training different employees,
was actually me getting ready for them to take my work load.
thing 2 found out because her boss mentioned it to her.
she told her to tell me so i have the heads up on what’s going down.

raw…ya know what’s crazy?
i feel numb.
now i can’t be too upset because i wanted to go.
you already know how much i talked about that.
it’s the sneaky shit that my boss is doing.
i been there for close to 3 years and i don’t even get the respect?


i hope it is all worth it in the end.

lowkey: this definitely was the year of completion.
i hope 2017 will have super natural blessings.

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37 thoughts on “How To Lay Off Jamari Fox In A Professional Way”

  1. Dang J sorry to hear that. 2016 has been pretty shitty overall. I’m hoping 2017 is loads better for both of us.

  2. Even tho I know you’re ready to go I pray something better comes along before those 2 weeks is up. You work way too hard to put up with their bullshit.

    1. ^i can’t believe I been lowkey training people to do my job.
      he told me SHOW them how I do such and such if I’m not there like take the day off/vacation/sick.


      i should call out tomorrow.

  3. I’m sorry.I hope you can get another job BEFORE the end of the month and leave their asses short handed.
    Trifling Bastards

    1. ^yc,
      i don’t even know how to go in there tomorrow.
      i don’t even care about going in on time.
      i knew my boss was plotting,
      but I didn’t think it was like this.
      shit like this is what changes people into assholes and bitches…

  4. Are you sure you were laid off? If your boss did not tell you, it may not be true. I would have went straight to the source to be honest.

    1. ^ill find out more tomorrow,
      but thing 2 has no reason to lie.
      she isn’t like liar liar.
      plus my boss has had it out for me so this isn’t far fetched.

  5. Jamari I’m glad this happened to you and sure nuff you need the rest!! The abuse they put you through is over kill, and I’m glad you vented all your problems on this platform. I wish you mention the training in earlier entries cause I would have told you to retreat. I’ve been through abusive jobs as a young guy being naive and knowing ppl did not respect me. When I resigned from the government I went off to art school to release the tension and pain I suffered through and it worked. I hope you find peace in the end, and spend your money wisely.

    1. ^i didn’t even think i was training until i put two and two together.
      i was showing randoms how to do things until it made perfect sense today.
      thing 2 and i had a long talk about it and she told me to stop doing it.

  6. Pls do, look for any incentive you have whether its bank rewards cash back credit card, savings account, or money market money. Hell, take a job just to get by or screen a roommate.

    1. ^thank god I saved some money,
      but ill def be on that unemployment plan for a very short while.
      ill give myself a week to rest and be on the job hunt the next week.

  7. I really hope that the ceo comes through with that job for you. I honestly feel that you should look into suing the company you work for, keep your head up Jamari like others have wrote, this may be a blessing for you.

  8. Think about it in a positive light. You’ve been wanting to get out for a hot minute now, so maybe this will provide the little push you need. You’ll have more time to go on interviews, job search, etc. don’t worry bout it man. You got this.

  9. Are you the only one being laid off?

    That’s why you can’t be loyal to these companies. You give them two years of your life MAX and if there’s no advancement possible or it makes you miserable you need to be looking into other opportunities.

    They do nothing but use people up and drop them. If you’re not white and well connected, you’re expendable no matter how hard you work for them.

    Remember this experience going forward. TWO YEARS MAX.

      1. I had to learn the hard way.

        If you don’t have any kids to feed or keep medical benefits for don’t cling to these dead end jobs for years! These jobs will chew you up and spit you out.

        The days of companies promoting from within and even paying for you to get degrees to advance are long gone.

        I feel like its a good idea to go on 2-5 job interviews a year even if you are happy with your current job. See what else is out there and keep your interviewing skills sharp.

        I’m getting certified to teach just to have other skills to fall back on.

  10. I’m sorry that this is happening. I think you’re numb because you are being robbed of the satisfaction of quitting on your own terms. This year wasn’t our year but change your mindset and wish them peace in all future endeavors. How are you feeling now?

  11. I can imagine how you feel, Jamari, but do not quit. You want to be able to collect unemployment; quitting might rob you of that opportunity versus being laid off. Use this time to intensify your job search. If you have to go on interviews during the day, do so. You are more attractive to potential employers when you have a job. Consider temp agencies, too.

    Also, if you have insurance, quickly schedule any checkups you have been putting off, while you have coverage. Get your flu shot, too.

    I’ll double up on the positive vibrations I have been sending your way.

    1. Great advice about insurance.Also refill any prescriptions while you have insurance.Schedule Dental,vision,etc exams while you have coverage.

  12. Sorry to hear but it’s a blessing in disguise. No more walking on eggshells or dreading going to work. Now you have the opportunity to do more for yourself that will truly make you happy at the end of the day. Good luck and stay strong.

  13. This is a blessing in disguise. You have so many gifts now is the season to tap into your dreams, ambitions and GRIND to land into the career you’ve always wanted. I believe in you. If you ever need someone to talk to I’m always a message away. You GOT THIS now go get your blessings

  14. I agree that sometimes God will push us into our destiny if we don’t walk into it.

    I also suggest checking if your state is an ” At Will” state or not. Unless they have documentation you could also file wrongful termination and get damages in addition to unemployment

  15. two words: severance package. In the concrete forest, companies usually offer a little severance in exchange for your signing an agreement not to sue them for anything. Most people sign it immediately and are out. There might be some leverage to be gained from signing it slowly. 15 days of extra salary means nothing to the company but could come in handy for you. The heads up gives you time to plan. Start thinking about phrases like ” Im meeting with my lawyer in a few days and I’ll get back to you after talking to her.” ; “Another month of severance would make this a LOT easier to digest.” ” Can we consider the notice date to be the 15th of November instead?” ; ” Does this have anything to do with my sexuality or ethnicity?” etc. This is not about “explain to me why” or “please dont let me go”. It’s about leaving with extra money in our pocket that they wont miss from theirs. You lose nothing by asking for severance and you might gain quite a lot.

  16. It’s the blessing you’ve been waiting for. Get unemployment and keep moving. Also now you’ve learned a big lesson in business. Never teach anyone your whole job!

  17. Wow, that’s really messed up how they handled that. That’s okay because we all know karma is a “you know what.” Just think of your job as a stepping stool for you to get to the next best thing. It will all work out for you. #PositiveVibes

  18. Walk it out, with dignity and step into the next phase of your journey. You’re about to develop new muscles. Growth spurt, sometime annoying, potentially painful. Onward and Upward!

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