A Baller Wolf Gets Wet While Sexting




I always thought he was cute.
He has a big mouth that looks like he could do some damage on a Foxhole.
Who knew he would be the latest victim of sexting gone WRONG…

You know the scenario.
Joe Haden of the Cleveland Browns finds a Vixen he wants to fuck.
She has a secret record session and sends it to MTO.
Ruining her chances of ever being taken seriously again…
… or get some stacks from a book deal or interview. 

and then when we come to the good stuff…

MTO blocks it out.

anyone who finds the un-edited peen shot: +100 F-BI points.
oh, and nice shower Joe. 

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “A Baller Wolf Gets Wet While Sexting”

  1. He has some nice cheeks; I’d hit – though he has a butter face. And since I got a skrong ‘how you doing’ vibe, I’d likely have that chance…IJS

    1. You think he’s down? Now that’s very strange. I didn’t get a vibe from him. He just seems like a cool down to earth dude.

  2. He’s too handsome, I’d cuff that dude. I like the fact that he has big ears that actually fit his face.

  3. The good times at Florida!!! He was chill down to earth person never had an ego. I don’t even recall reports of him being in trouble with law when he was playing for the Gators.

  4. I thought he was bigger than that but he can still get it. I wonder if it was a vixen fox, wolf, or hybrid he was sending them pics to???

  5. He’s perfect. I’d lock that down immediately.
    He has a great personality. Doesn’t seem like he takes himself too seriously. Attractive.Has his finances together (the fact he owns more property than cars tells me he’s smart).

    I feel like people leak pictures like that when they feel they’ve been wronged or some dumb shit like that. Probably leaked them to get back at him.

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