That was what I read on my Blackberry early last night.


I politely turned the football game I was watching on mute and all eyes was glued to my text messages.
A dream come true for most sexually active freak nikka bottom.

Two Tops….

Two dicks….

One Hole.


As I sat there,
waiting for photographic evidence of the two tops in question,
I asked myself myself would I ever be part of a 3?

“Hell no!” I guffawed, shrugging my shoulders……

……until I thought about what I was really guffawing at.

“Jamari,” I thought, “think about this for a minute.”

Seriously, if I had to be in a placement with these two and me somewhere in the middle…

… I wouldn’t have texted a damn soul to ask what I should do.
Fuck that!!!!!!!

I would have sent this invite thru email to them both….

….and I would have been cleaned out and waiting on my bed, sipping a glass of Moet.
Thinking about who was I going to have on top of me first?

Mood would have been set too.
Candles, incense, and Trey Songz Boxer Dropper Playlist.

What? I want it to be a little theatrical.

I would have probably been thinking how would it start off.
Would we talk about how it was going to go down?
Or, would I go straight for the kill, while muttering the Plies song, “Please Excuse My Hands”?

The freak in me would have said “cut all this bullshit” and lets get this party started.

I maybe would do it.
I am all down for the experience.
Straight dudes are always talking about two sexy stacked hoes… well, Jamari wants two sexy muscular man hoes.
It would be better with two tops that I was cool with or even me, a bottom, and a top.

I can see it now.
Both of us fighting over who gets the last of the meat.

if I was to do a 3 with Daddy,
the rules would be slighty different.

First and foremost,
the bottom that we acquire for our 3 tyrst must be a stranger.
(I am open to bringing females in our bedroom also.)
The problem most people have when they are in a relationship and decided to have some extra curricular freaking in the bedroom,
they bring someone they both know.
Someone like a friend, cousin, or some random associate from school/work.

Then 1 of two things,
that you either like what has happened or Daddy has.
The outcome is someone ends up in someone’s bedroom without another knowing and 3 becomes a 2.

I prefer some unknown bottom (or female) who is willing to get fucked,
suck on me, get their shit blown out, pick up their clothes, leave 50 on the nightstand, and get out.

Another issue I have is cameras and cell phones.
It seems these days the freakier you go,
the more people want to tape shit and put it all over the internet.

I do not want to be like those XTube whores you see,
ass out with a fat dick in his mouth,
like they live in a dark cave in the mountains.

I like my illicit sexual encounters to be non-traceable.
I am not one for a visual aid.
My blog is enough for you.

“You should do it,” I replied, “safely of course.”

He went off to do what he probably intended on doing in the first place.

Later Foxes.

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