f0XXX: Adrien Broner Has Some Peen and Sex Leakage

Broner_Hoganphotos3well we haven’t had one of these in a long time.
adrien broner sex tape has leaked on worldstar.
in the 54 second clip,
he is having a raw 3 with 2 sexy “dtf” vixens.
one had her mouth full with…
well you know what?

x go here to watch video

nsfw and 18^.

lowkey: one would think he’d be beatin up the puss something terrible.
maybe that’s in the un-filmed version?

f0xmail: How Do I Turn A 3some Into A 2some?

I have a couple questions from readers coming.
But let’s get onto this:


I’m kinda in a bind and maybe need some of your readers opinion. 

I met a guy off of a4a for a hook up and on the way over he text me and says another dude is coming over and asked if i was cool with a 3 sum. 

As a wolf of course I was down for the ride.  I have been in situations like this before where I would be kicking it with a fox and they want to invite a friend and the shit don’t work out, because the friend is not my type or the vibe is not right.  Back to the point, I get to dude house and he starts undressing me before I even sit down on the bed good.  He’s cute, alright, kind of remind me of my ex, but his body wasn’t quite there….Don’t get me wrong you don’t have to have a 6 pack or all muscled up, but at least be toned.  Let’s just say he didn’t look like the picture, but I put it to the side and said fuck it, its been a couple of weeks since I had some body contact, what the hell…I had to put my imagination into overdrive to get blood flowing and then there was a knock at the door, the third party.  When dude get up I started getting dress because I figured shit, it was taking too much to get in the mindset and dude probably wasn’t hitting on shit anyway(guy # 3)……WAS I WRONG!!!!!!  Brother came in the room had to be atleast 6’4, 6’5, at least, he was eye to eye to me, so a major turn on…thick muscle, dark skinned with a nice round ass…Instant turn on….We locked eyes and started kissing and of course we gave the fox what he wanted, but pleased each other at the same time.   Would it be out of the way to contact fox and get the hybrid number?  After we were finished the hybrid said you finally got what you wanted, so I take it they already knew each other…from what I gathered they were just fuck buddies….Do you think fox would get offended, think im trying to take his Wolf?


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That was what I read on my Blackberry early last night.


I politely turned the football game I was watching on mute and all eyes was glued to my text messages.
A dream come true for most sexually active freak nikka bottom.

Two Tops….

Two dicks….

One Hole.


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