f0xmail: How Do I Turn A 3some Into A 2some?

I have a couple questions from readers coming.
But let’s get onto this:


I’m kinda in a bind and maybe need some of your readers opinion. 

I met a guy off of a4a for a hook up and on the way over he text me and says another dude is coming over and asked if i was cool with a 3 sum. 

As a wolf of course I was down for the ride.  I have been in situations like this before where I would be kicking it with a fox and they want to invite a friend and the shit don’t work out, because the friend is not my type or the vibe is not right.  Back to the point, I get to dude house and he starts undressing me before I even sit down on the bed good.  He’s cute, alright, kind of remind me of my ex, but his body wasn’t quite there….Don’t get me wrong you don’t have to have a 6 pack or all muscled up, but at least be toned.  Let’s just say he didn’t look like the picture, but I put it to the side and said fuck it, its been a couple of weeks since I had some body contact, what the hell…I had to put my imagination into overdrive to get blood flowing and then there was a knock at the door, the third party.  When dude get up I started getting dress because I figured shit, it was taking too much to get in the mindset and dude probably wasn’t hitting on shit anyway(guy # 3)……WAS I WRONG!!!!!!  Brother came in the room had to be atleast 6’4, 6’5, at least, he was eye to eye to me, so a major turn on…thick muscle, dark skinned with a nice round ass…Instant turn on….We locked eyes and started kissing and of course we gave the fox what he wanted, but pleased each other at the same time.   Would it be out of the way to contact fox and get the hybrid number?  After we were finished the hybrid said you finally got what you wanted, so I take it they already knew each other…from what I gathered they were just fuck buddies….Do you think fox would get offended, think im trying to take his Wolf?


In 3 sums, there are rules.
If you are a Fox, you can’t be jealous your Wolf is throwing his good dick to the other Fox.
If you are A Wolf, you cannot fuck the third party outside of the 3 at hand behind your Fox’s back.
Notice all of these things being relationship rules.

In rules of hook ups and sex, well, there are no rules.

I am a firm believer in going after what you want.
Obviously, this Hybrid was exactly your type.
Only issue I see is that Fox may get jealous if you ask for dude’s number.

By these words alone:

” I get to dude house and he starts undressing me before I even sit down on the bed good.”


“After we were finished the hybrid said you finally got what you wanted… from what I gathered they were just fuck buddies.”

I like to move in silence.
I can find out just about anything just by asking the right questions.
Contacting that Fox may lead to him suddenly start claiming that other dude.
You know people are never attractive UNTIL someone else is attracted to them.
That Fox may end up cock blocking and you may lose out.
You want everything to go smooth and not step on any toes.
Or in this case, that Fox’s on call dick.

I say get in cahoots with the Fox, so you can slowly find out who the other dude was.
You may have to fuck that Fox again but that is more ass for you.
But, your goal is to ask the right questions to get the right answer.
You know what they say:

2 can  play that game and 3 is really a crowd.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

need advice: jamari.fox@gmail.com

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “f0xmail: How Do I Turn A 3some Into A 2some?”

  1. You’re right on point Jamari!

    I hate to sound duplicitous but fuck it! He’s not your friend anyway.

    Use him to get to the dude you want!

    Fuck him, tell him what he wants to hear, whatever!

    Or you can bypass all that and just tell him you want to do another threesome and this time get the hybrids number.

    1. ^^thanks Jay 😉

      This is a Wolf eat Dog world.
      Sometimes, in life, to get what you want you have to be as manipulative as possible.
      If he was a friend, I would say jack off to that one night of fun.
      In this case, this was some random Fox he met to fuck.

      But we all know how people can be.
      That Fox will claim the HELL out of that Hybrid.
      He may even manipulate that other dude to not like the Wolf so he can keep that dick in his speed dial.
      You have to move silently in situations like this…

  2. My personal motto is “if it is too much work then it is too much work!!!!!” LOL Man you are an Alpha Wolf and we Alpha wolves don’t play games we end them !!!!! Er…. okay I got that out of my system, and I feel much better.Seriously, I think that it is never good policy to play games with anyone especially on the sexual level, and from what I gathered from your description of the Fox, he is a master game player. I also gathered from the scenario you described that no one involved in the situation really cared about the others’ feelings. The only common emotional connection you guys seem to have was the sexual gratification you all received at the end of the romp. Just call the fox and ask him if you can have the other guy’s email address, because you want to tell him how much fun you had. I think asking for an email address is a little less personal than asking for a phone number. If the fox is resistant to giving you the other dude’s email address then you have your answer that there may be some potential drama if you continue to pursue the other guy independent of him.

    Also you don’t know what the other guys’ history is with this fox as the other contributors to the thread said. However, my suggestion is that unless you like this fox, then limit your interactions with him because it sounds like he could be controlling and messy. Finally, I will also suggest that whenever possible if you have a hook up from a gay dating site especially a 3 some that it may be better to host them at your place because like we were discussing in another thread, you never know if any one is recording lol. Best of luck bruh and please come back with Jar’s permission of course 😉 to let us know how the situation turned out.

  3. i think the only way to get what u want is to ask fox #1 to set up the same threesome again and then ask for fox #2’s number right there out in the open…the first fox will gag but then in a way respect that u did it in front of him and if hes gonna try to block hes gotta do it at that moment and risk looking like hes a hater…im thinking that if i was inside his fox 2’s ass, fox # 1 should have no issue..ur not dating him

    1. Then you risk letting the fox get into the hybrid’s head later on and we don’t know the extent of their relationship yet.

      He should get the fox to setup the threesome again, but he shouldn’t burn his bridge right then and there with the fox until he’s successfully gotten in with the hybrid.

      You don’t have to be fake, just make him think you enjoy his company a little more than you actually do.

      …Well be a little fake. lol

      1. i hear u jay..but how much can the fox get into the hybrids head if he wolf has already been in the hybrids ass?…if the hybrid wants that dick again hes gonna get it no matter what the fox is talking about

  4. wolfstyle :

    i hear u jay..but how much can the fox get into the hybrids head if he wolf has already been in the hybrids ass?…if the hybrid wants that dick again hes gonna get it no matter what the fox is talking about

    The Wolf doesnt have a solid connection with the Fox and the other dude to do that.
    Cock blockin can happen because Foxes can be devious and protective.

    1. lol i hear u jamari..but he already got the ass! lol…if u got some good pipe jamari in a similar situation..and u were feeling that wolf..would the other fox’s cock blocking stop u from getting it again?

  5. Shit, I would’ve been in the midst of a heavy text exchange with the fox by now.

    “Yo u give amazing head.” or “You have some good ass”.

    I would’ve at LEAST had dude’s name by now. lol

  6. He should’ve gotten dude’s number on the sly after they finished…it seems they had more chemistry that he did with the Fox. Y’know, take your time to leave together & then talk to him.

    Now however, you gonna have to do some work. You’ll need to contact the fox again & let him know you wanna hook up. You’ll probably have to do it one-on-one initially, and then after you sex him, bring up the threesome & propose it again. This time, get the hybrid’s info. Now if the fox proposes a threesome again, go for it.

  7. LOL I am just trying to figure out why not just advise dude to just str8 out ask the fox for the brother’s number or email address? I mean it seems to be a clear and direct way of getting the contact information for homeboy instead of playing all of these covert games to get dude’s number? I am not being negatively critical, and I am honestly trying to understand why the need for him to set up another 3 some in order to holler at dude; especially since it seems like the brother is not really interested in having sex again with the fox? To me it seems like some of the advice given is indicative of advice women would offer to each other in trying to trap a man.

    I guess I am a little confused because since I started frequenting this blog I read many comments about responders wanting to get a good man, etc. As a man and I think perhaps I can speak a little for most men str8/ bi/gay’ try lol;which is that we don’t like games to be played on us? I think how a person approaches an interpersonal problem is often an indicator of what their integrity is actually about. I think that most people on this thread will probably agree that they may shut down when they feel as if someone is trying to game them.I know this may seem to be a strong reaction for such a fluffy post, but I do honestly care about the people in this forum because we share so much in common and I desire to be a reflecting pool to everyone regarding the possible choices they are considering to make as I hope you guys will do with me. We all seem to want for str8 up honest men/friends to be in our lives who don’t play games/manipulate etc, so why would we advise others to do the same? Er………. okay I just stepped down from my soap box lol.

    1. I don’t think it’s that black and white. You don’t think the bottom is going to feel the least bit slighted that this man is asking for the other’s dude’s info? Especially when he realizes dude is trying to turn a trio into a duet?

      Sorry, but I’ve learned to check my morals at the door when dealing with dudes.

  8. Er… wow thanks Jay, lol and really get what you are saying and I guess I was looking for a deeper answer for something that is really superficial. I was just thinking that the poster said that “the bottom lied to him about his appearance and so all bets are off.”I guess I am more of a person that a person should naturally have a swagger that can pull anyone they want, and therefore there is no need for games. I honestly think that game playing is an indicator that someone does not have confidence in themselves to achieve their interpersonal goals in a direct manner.

    1. Yeah, you’re wayyyy too deep about it. This encounter is purely about sex, and people will cock-block when their pride gets involved lol

      1. Shit if someone got at me asking for someone else’s number after we all fucked I’d be pissed or feel a little slighted in the least.

        “Yea his name is Rick James BITCH and his number is 1-800- FUCK YOU HOE”

      2. ^i agree.
        being bold and asking for numbers is sloppy and thirsty.
        Never second guess someone when something of “theirs” is up for grabs.
        it isn’t like they all met that night.
        Ol boy was brought into a situation through another party.

        I agree with YBW and JAY on this one.

  9. JAY :
    Shit if someone got at me asking for someone else’s number after we all fucked I’d be pissed or feel a little slighted in the least.
    “Yea his name is Rick James BITCH and his number is 1-800- FUCK YOU HOE”

    I take that back, I may not be pissed, but if it’s some good sex I’m not handing it to you on a silver platter. lol

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