I want you to think about the new year ahead.

What do you desire?
What goals do you want met or even started?
What habits would you like to change or get rid of?
Is it time to completely drop some people?
Are you ready for love?
Or, are you ready to be single and enjoy yourself for a while?

Making New Years resolutions is absolutely stupid, imo.
We start out 1 or 2 months doing it and then we get bored and forget all about it.

How about we all just know we want more and move in that direction?
Write up a goal sheet and stick to it.
Give yourself objectives and a time line.
Ignore the people you want to cut off and slowly lower your contact with them.
They will get the hint.


I want a Baller Wolf who won’t drive me crazy,
to really take my style and swagg to another level,
my wonderful site to get more publicity and touch more people,
mo money mo money and mo money,
all of my insecurities to be taken care of,

and to be in the path of greatness!

Ya know, small things for the Head Fox.



So get ready for 2012.
I feel it is going to be amazing.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “-2011”

  1. Minus the baller wolf, I pretty much want everything that you listed, justed as you listed it. More money,,,I pray 4 it daily…I feel bad asking the Lord for money, but when all else fails…Pray, right? So that’s what I do. I’ve let my insecurities, my anxiety hold me back, hopefully I find a way to conquer that this year,,,Even if it takes medication. White folks take meds for anxiety and depression,,,Why can’t I? I’m really banking on 2012 being my year of greatness…Or rather my return to greatness. I’ve had several great years when I think about it, but some tragedy or something bad always out weighs that. I’m trying to get over that this yr…I like ur thought process Jamari…I aint no baller but I do got a platinum Rush card,,,And as long as you don’t mind a 3inch penis-Im ur guy 🙂 Happy New Year….Heres to you and I both achieving our resolutions…

    BTW that guy in the gif is a cutie…Light eyes looks so good on darker skin…I once saw this brutha with the most beautiful eyes pan handling of all things. He was dirty, hair unkept, but those blue eyes with that drk chocolate skin was captivating. I couldn’t help but wonder where he went wrong in life. Could have been a model, could have been a…Anything. Those eyes alone should have gotten him in the door, through the interview process or through the audition process or getting women to drop the drawls on site.lol…Anyway, I have no plans for tonight,,,But I am gonna pray. Pray the New Year in…Ive done it before, but this time, my resolutions will come true!

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