17 Years (Never Forget)

neverforget17 years.
17 long years since he’s been gone.
this man was and still is “new yawk”.
still a legend even after his untimely passing.
ugly as ever,
he is still greatly missed in hip hop.
no one can touch him yet.
he lyrically punished the mic,
while leaving his signature “get money” bravado that always stuck with us.
shit even some of his craziest lyrics made you stop what you was doing.
“You look so good huh,
I suck on your daddy’s dick”

me and my bitch.
the interlude on “life after death” where he “shits on the bitch”>>>>>
how could anyone not know the entire verse to “juicy”?
who doesn’t get amp when he starts to flow on “can’t you see”?
how could we ever forget the notorious big?
i know i won’t.
his music and bad boy pretty much ran the soundtrack my childhood.
even though i was too young to understand,
the feeling the music gave me will always stick with me.
these have got to be my favorite biggie tracks…

that ain’t even half!
i often wonder if big was still alive,
would jay be as big as he is now?
shit he may have been the one to get with beyonce.
well !llmind morphed jay’s beat from “picasso baby” and put biggie’s verse from “sky is the limit” on it.
  “picasso biggie” is what he called it.
i really liked how it came out:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “17 Years (Never Forget)”

  1. Biggie pulling Beyonce?I don’t know about that one.I guess it would depend on how strong-willed Beyonce is.

    1. ^she is with jay z.
      he isn’t actually a “looker” in society standards.
      plus biggie was messing with all the “fly light skin chicks with the wavy hair”.
      biggie had his share of females.
      money and status will make a dude attractive real quick.
      females are not looking for the same thing gay men are looking for.

      1. not to mention that brooklyn swagga the wolves have down there.
        i liken it to voodoo.
        stay havin females and gays fucked all the way up.
        dont sleep on a brooklyn wolf.
        they will hustle you out ya drawz real quick.

      2. Yea I agree.
        This one Manhattan/Brooklyn spanish hybrid had me hooked to him, but he wasn’t much of nothing except he is mad cute but now that i think about it he really didn’t have much for me to go on plus that bastard used me.

      3. Well if Biggie was that good, I wonder if he could’ve pulled you?Then you’d be writing blog entries about your big papa top and how even though he don’t look like much, his wordplay is sent from god.Then you’d stop writing about him because you’d find out he is a cheating abusive hoe.

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