Play With Me (I’ll Show U How To Do This Son)

Playing_cards_1_by_semireal_stocklife is like a game.
i like to compare it to a card game….

one in which you should always keep your best cards in your hand.
best cards in games are usually kings,
and jokers.

so those would be your secrets and things you only tell close friends/family.
the ultimate card,
which is the ace,
is always your private parts/sex.
to be a skill player,
you need to learn how to listen and observe carefully.
when confronted with skilled players in life,
it’s best to let them play their hand first.
just to get a feel so your foxy senses can sniff them out.
see people got this thing,
especially wolves,
where they will play a one on one game with you when they first meet you.
first they will put some cards down to make you feel comfortable.
they will bait you to throw some cards out to “get to know you better”.
well here you go.
start thinking you got their ass.
so you throw all your best cards down because you are determined to win.
since their cards,
or intentions are hidden,
you don’t know what is real or something that isn’t that serious.
the wolf will fuck your brains out,
maybe a couple more times,
and afterward gets that “a-ha” moment that you weren’t what he wanted after all.
he knows everything about you,
but you just know the game he played.
i’ve seen it happen plenty of times with people in this life.
they meet a wolf who is fine as shit and think,
by revealing everything about them,
that it will keep him.
that is the fastest way to end the game real early.
well at least you got the pipe…


see i always like the bitch.
she is a “skilled player”.
the bitch will sit at the table,
poker face on,
and play the hand she is dealt.
she throws out a few cards out here and there,
but she always make sure to leave the wolf confused.
just when he thinks he got her ass,
she throws something on the table that fucks his game all up.
as much as wolves hate playing games with the bitch,
they can’t resist the temptation of trying to bring her down.

so in life,
or relationships,
don’t put all your best cards down.
well unless you want to end the game quick.
please go right ahead.
some players in life don’t need a long drawn out session.
its usually a “get in and get out” situation.
if they aren’t throwing anything out about themselves then you shouldn’t be either.
stop telling all your secrets to someone you just met.
throw the basic cards out of your hand.
tell people things that if it got back to you,
you probably wouldn’t give a shit.
this is how i handle everyone.
how you think i know who is who and what is what at my job?
i know everything about these people.
ask them what they know about me?
okay den.

tumblr_mi35zjpJFN1qiirjgo1_500oh and those people who claim:

“i don’t like to play games.”

“blah blah blah.”
take it from me and what ive learned:
those are the ones who like to play the most.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Play With Me (I’ll Show U How To Do This Son)”

  1. So… my suggestion that you and Notorious B.I.G hook up, turned you on that much that you made a blog entry on how not to get fooled like Faith Evans and Lil Kim did.

    You were thinking about Biggie on top of you huh?That’s one of those rare freaky fetishes.



  2. You got that right. The ones that say “I don’t play games” are typically the biggest game players and saying “I don’t play games” is typically the opening move of their game. It’s designed to lull you into taking down your “shields” in Star Trek talk.

  3. lol @ Zen

    I can dig this post. Being a private person brings you way less drama. It’s best to mess around with people who have just as much to lose as you do.

  4. I learn how to play the game the hard way. But I hope one day I can get my sweet revenge. There this one guy who I have to admit made me fall in love a little bit because we share so many things in common it was like I finally found someone who understands me. But things change where he completely ignores me out of the blue and kept distances from me. The good part was I moved to Maine for school reason, so I thought it was going to help me keep my mind off of him, but I couldn’t stop thinking about him. But later I found out he does private cam shows which made me feel some type of way for some reason then later on I found him on fb and decided to talk to him because I really miss him, we chat but it wasn’t the same and then he left a broken heart symbol on my fb foto comment which I ask him “Did I break your heart?” he said “Yes” and didn’t write to me anymore. I didn’t do shit to him, he’s good trying to make me feel guilty for nothing. But man I hope when I go back to NY looking good and sexy to show him what he’s been missing.

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