Green+Square+copyi did something i didn’t think i would do today.
i did it tho…

when i looked in my account,
i only had 5 dollars.
damn near about to be over drafted soon.
it all stemmed from having to buy a mta card that same morning.
it left me complete pretty much…
you already know.
two weeks until i even see another check.
at that point,
i just tried to remain happy and remember that i have a job.
“tough times don’t last forever…”
as i sat in the cafeteria,
here i see mr. green walking up to me.
i’m always happy to see him.
he has a very kind disposition about him.
well he was visiting the office today and had a couple meetings i booked on the calendar.

“why are you not eating jamari?”
“honestly i don’t have any money.”
“oh no that’s not good.
are you hungry?”

at that point,
i felt like i was a beggar.
all i needed was a cup,
and a monkey that danced as i played the keyboard.

“yeah a little.”
“is there an atm around here?”

i pointed to the atm over in the corner.
he went over,
withdrew some money,
and came back over to me.
so i thought he was gonna give me the 20 in his hand.
he gave me 80 dollars.
80 fuckin dollars.

tumblr_ltvzpsSpP81qmogfiyou know how i get.
i nearly low key bawled under a table.
i thanked him so much and told him i would pay him back when i get back on me feet.

“take your time.
i’ve been in your position before.
i know whats it like.
you are doing a good job as well.
no complaints.”

so i told a homeboy on the phone what he did for me.
this asshole gon’ say:

“why would you take money from your boss?
n*gga i dunno about that.”

excuse me?
which is when i kindly let him have it:

when you step up AS A FRIEND and volunteer to help YOUR FRIEND,

you can fuckin’ talk to me on what to do.
its a shame a complete stranger with a kind heart had to help YOUR FRIEND today.
as a friend,
you should be extremely embarrassed.
no wait?
you like to talk about how you bought this,
and paid for some bitch this to get some pussy for that.
you have no time to help your friends.
let some bird brain bitch come in the picture tho,
your wallet is open ready to throw the bird seed on the ground.

get all the way the fuck out my face with the bullshit.”

yeah uh huh.
trying to ruin my moment with the bullshit.
then gonna say i never asked.
i gotta train people to be good people?
i hope he calls me with an issue about some bitch.
watch him ask my voice mail.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Green.”

  1. Your boss is a keeper…your ‘friend’, not so much. Keep your head up babyboy and pay it forward like your boss did to you.

    Love & Light,


  2. There are good people know in the world. I’m sure if ur in that position, u will do the same if I could. It’s all about paying it forward.

  3. I do believe in helping friends. But I’ve found that if I volunteer my help, it is appreciated less or not at all. So I’ve adopted the attitude of helping friends almost always ONLY when they request the help.

  4. I am proud of you for…allowing… Someone to help you. It doesn’t always come with strings attatched. Stay on your high flying disk. There is more of what you want to come…

  5. Jamari: Your boss seems like a kind person. Your faith is also paying off — God sends his angels to help when you least expect. Keep doing what you are doing and I’m sure you will do well. Pay him back as soon as you can. At the very least send a thank you note right away. Keep it brief and to the point. Something along the lines of “Thank you for your kindness. It was much appreciated.” And I’m glad that you have resolved to pay it forward. That can be done in an act as nice as sincerely complimenting someone. Sometimes I will see a woman who looks a little down and say, “You really look nice today!” It always brings a smile. And you don’t know how you may have uplifted someone.

  6. What ur boss look like? He might be laying the ground work for something in the future…..late night in the office with Mr. Green….mmm hmmm

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