“SHE” by Shemale

is it me…..
….. or is there an outbreak of he/shes?

U know boobs on top; balls below.

… and furthermore, are they taking all the good dick?
leaving the rest of us bottoms with half eaten scraps?

I was finishing up some Christmas shopping the other day,
when I was standing in line behind a good looking piece of….

Looking similiar to him:

…. and a very mannish looking woman.
Smiling and eye fucking each other.
Pulled out a credit card and bought all her shit.

“Lucky bitch.” I thought to myself.

I mean, seriously, we are use to seeing a fine nigga with a Sasquatch bitch.
Ain’t nothing but a regular day…..

After closer inspection,
it wasn’t a unfortunate looking woman BUT A MAN, BABY.

.You know, a PRIVATE DICK.

I felt like how a black woman feels to see a man with a white woman.
Yes, I’m hatin’ DAMMIT!

What is really going on Foxes?
It seems like all the cute dudes got a tranny on their arms.
U would see some D/L kat on some online site ONLY looking for a tranny.

You know, a plum smuggler.

no matter HOW good you look bottom boi,
they aren’t checking for us.

I’m not about to go out, put on a wig, and ho the stroll
(truth be told, I’d make a one ugly ugly female)
but it seems that this is the new trend…. or is it not so new?

Have ya’ll been on the video sex sites and see the countless videos of tranny love?
Or tranny giving him a ball?

are the dudes even gay to begin with?
or just confused?
they like to parade He-opatra Jones around because she looks like a woman
and no one would ask questions?
or is this just denial and determination not to be “gay”?

Females always complaining that all the good looking dudes are with gay dudes
(and ALOT are)
but it seems these days they are all with transsexuals and drag queens.
Even some of these rappers and ballers….
….but that’s another story for another day and time.

I always ask why would you even get with a man who is a woman and not get with a real woman?
what is the point?
or is there no point?

any thoughts?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on ““SHE” by Shemale”

  1. BYTCH I FEEL THE SSAAAMMMEEEE WAY!!!! I CANNOT STAND IT!! See it here in ATL all the time. Like the FFFFIINNNEEEESSSTTT ones at the club ONLY go for the trannies. Granted, they aren’t wifing those bytches up.. but they do get the most attention. And its like, if u want a fish… go to a str8 club… spin around in a circle and point! They’re all over the place. And i dont see it for the fysh complaining that we’re taking all their men. Stop complaining… put some tracks in ur hair, put on some heels and walk the street because thats how easy it is for them. In this lifestyle, you have to wait for subtle cues from men trying to be inconspicuous or you have to log on the internet when the sun goes down for a boy to even say hello.

    I really dont get it? I suppose its a fetish or something. But w/e it is… i don’t live for it. No tea to the T-gurls, but theyre clearly well sought after by the finest of men.

  2. “In this lifestyle, you have to wait for subtle cues from men trying to be inconspicuous or you have to log on the internet when the sun goes down for a boy to even say hello.”

    Say it again.

  3. i dnt c it that way at all if a man wanna b with some onewho is transgender then its just a phase of wanting someone they can take out in public and i aint talkin bout one of those nasty i can tell u a nigga trannies but someone who on ponit and looks fecent ones. if he a dl nigga he aint gnna wanna bring hisnigga to meet his moms he’d rather bring da tranny its da same when i see every fine as red bone hugged up next to a fem ass punk or a big burly as nigga. Esp one dat dnt look decent.. xoxox Ms.Mili

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