Your Twenteeth Thought… (2+0)

Ready to dive deep into another installment?

…and NO, she ^ is NOT the example!
(unless you want to go 2 rounds right now?)…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Your Twenteeth Thought… (2+0)”

  1. The dude at the urinal is getting his back blown out and he aint do anything about it becuase hes using the bathroom himself.. That poor poor wolf

  2. My first thought on ole dude is he gettin his no matter what, when, or where. My second thought is that vixen is through!!! My god girl close down shop n tighten dem walls

    1. Neither are naked, so idk what’s going on. But I agree w/you that I wanna smash that too…dude is on his toes tryna get in that! lol

      And homegirl…really?! *sigh*

  3. The whole picture is probably a joke.

    Ol dude was probably at the urinal with his pants all the way down (I hate when dudes do that) and dude probably got up on him and allowed someone to take a pic.

    The yellow dude looks like Elmo.

  4. mine is that he got finally caught up by the wolf that was following him after a deep moment of mutual vision , in the rest/ bar / or club. wolf opened the door and saw that tail and and wolf said ” Got you were i want you “……… BABE!!!! then they just got down to busyness

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