Your Eighth Thought (8)

I’ll do a celeb edition for you guys.
I think this picture definitely needs some input.

Hey Usher.

What is the first THOUGHT that entered your mind?

Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “Your Eighth Thought (8)”

  1. My first thought; He’s not attractive anymore.

    Usher used to be so sexy, what the fuck happened? I used to wanna dick him down so bad, but now…., ah fuck it.

  2. @perfecting lol jajajajaj yeah he used to be sexy.. but i think he might be on the down low … i have that feeling….

  3. He’s lookin much older now, like he’s in a gay relationship and that he holds the title of den mother. This face looks like the face that has been washed after removing makeup.

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