I’d Let Big Sean Do Me

Yummy yummy.
He looks like dinner.

Hi Big Sean.
How are you?
I want some of that pipe and I want it now.
Plus, I want to ride that mouth of yours.
Seems like it would be fun times.
You always talking about this pipe of yours so I want to see what the big hub bub is all about.
And STOP claiming that one model’s dick that was on MTO, PLEASE?
You know that isn’t your pic.

And do you see those cakes?

“Whoa there…”

My only issue is you are so short.
You are like inch eye to a fire hydrant.
I’m sure in some cases, that may actually work huh?

I’m sure we can figure something out.


(stop humping the ground before i slap you…)

P.S: I’m trying to figure out if you have Ben J beat in the cakes department?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “I’d Let Big Sean Do Me”

  1. Sean could get it in an IOU! And I’d defer payments for 24 months! Did you not see that ding a ling print in the Dance video? He seems like he would make a real playful cutty buddy!

  2. I got a small crush on him. He’s attractive and he’s holdin in the back too. I think some of these dudes sag just to show their ass. He’s holdin to much, to be saggin

  3. he would be perfect for me u know>? i have a crush on him he`s handsome and i would make the dance video xxx part 2 with him, ft drake the remix lol hehehe both are sexy …drake fucking me so bad! OMG i better stop im getting hard as i write this lol

  4. Went to school wit the dude. Had classes with him. He was pretty introverted but a cool dude. He’s cute now but was incredibly handsome THEN.

      1. Then I don’t think I was worried about cakes. Was still findin myself in high school. But he was bangin and his swagg was outrageously on point.

  5. He has cakes for a lil dude – I’d work him out. And I like the lips too.

    As for MTO, how can anyone who’s not blind not tell that isn’t him? C’mon, they’re not even the same skin tone…smh

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