Your 27th Thought…. (27) “Would You Ride This?” Edition

You know what kind of ride I’m talking about, Daddy…
The one where you strap up and take it like a man.
The first time is a doozy, but once you do it

You want to ride it again, and again, and again..
You know what?
Come in and see how crazy the ride might just actually be…



I, personally, would hop on that in a milli-second.
No regrets.
No second thoughts… okay, maybe just a little.
Just as long as you are there to ride me ride it with me.
But, I am definitely about that life
right Ev?


Would you guys ride this?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Your 27th Thought…. (27) “Would You Ride This?” Edition”

  1. HELL NO! Your by yourself on that one bruh…terrified of heights! I’ll leave that to Jay…that’s his kind of thing lol

  2. I’m not too scared of heights, but that ride was going this way and that way, and I would have threw up everywhere.

  3. i like roller coasters and stuff but there is two rides will not ride in my life: this one ride where it flings you up in the air like yo yo and your seats are attached to bungie cords, and this ride. I wouldeve had a heart attack! oh and those cakes are hot.

  4. My second thought is that ass in the first pic looks delicious. My first thought is OOOOOOOHHHHH WWWWEEEEE HELL YEA I WOULD GET ON THE RIDE. All These other Nancy’s can be scared but me and you Jamari can ride that that all day. Jazz land/ six flags New Orleans had a ride just like this called the Lex Luther and it was fun as shit

  5. Well, Jamari and OMG, save me a spot in line. I love a good thrill. I just will not do any type of bungee ride.

    Oh, yeah, I will ride that ass like my bonus depended on it.

      1. I have no idea, but he needs to go back to Black!.. it does not fit him at all… He needs me in his life… This wouldve never happened….

    1. Da hayal?! Next thing you know that n*gga will be twerkin to some N’awlins bounce…he lookin right fresh & fruity…nawl

  6. As for the ride, if you mean that azz, then heck yeah! That other thing? Nawl. 1st, it’s Russia (shoddy), 2nd – all those twists & turns would likely make nauseous & throwing up…y’all have fun tho, y’hear?

  7. Oh yeah, I’d ride the guy till he’s bow legged, but that ride in Russia – I’ve been to Russia, and my faith in their ability to maintain something like this isn’t very high.

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