You Was Just Another Pineapple On Your Personal Trainer’s Hit List

17109-bPuvT7OgHEI9t9erQN12RQso this personal trainer wolf is looking for someone.
his name is danny wagster from the uk.
you know i like my personal trainer wolves.
well the issue with this one is he has had a lot of “someones”.
by a lot,
i mean

PERSONAL trainer Danny Wagster, 27, from Manchester, is single and doesn’t plan on settling down any time soon.

He says: “My sex life is fast and furious. When I go out, I have women hanging off me. I usually sleep with five or six different girls a week.

so he goes on to say from his own words:

At 18, I started working out in the gym and began getting a lot of attention from women, so I took advantage of it. Even though I had a girlfriend, I slept around, and during the two years we were together I bedded about 50 girls behind her back. I’m not proud of it, but I was young. I found the attention flattering. Over the last decade, I’ve had around 2,500 partners – and I’ve only cared about two of them.

Sex is definitely an addiction. The longest I ever go without it is two days. If I’m with a girl I’m really attracted to, I want to sleep with her constantly. I once got a cheeky w**k in the queue at Alton Towers, and then we had sex in the gardens. I’ve also done it in loads of disabled toilets and in clubs and pubs – it keeps things exciting.

I’ve had threesomes, and sometimes it’s more than one woman a night. On one occasion, I had sex with four girls in the space of 24 hours in a hotel room in Manchester.

I didn’t even have time to change the bedsheets. I know a lot of girls, and either I’ll call them, they’ll call me or I’ll meet them on Instagram, Facebook or in strip clubs.

I like beautiful girls and have good judgement, but sometimes booze can interfere. If I wake up at my place and discover a girl’s unattractive, I’ll call them a cab and they can wait outside.

There’s no point beating around the bush. I once woke up and realized a girl had a nose like a Boeing 747, so I escaped out her window wearing her daughter’s size-five trainers. I left mine and my Roberto Cavalli leather jacket in the sitting room where she was sleeping.

The idea of being in love is nice, but I don’t like the reality. Growing up, my dad wasn’t around. He’s got 12 kids with five different women. I don’t know whether that’s got anything to do with the way I am now. My mum raised me, but our relationship has become more distant as I’ve got older. She definitely disapproves of my behaviour.

My mates joke that I’m a slag and advise me to think more carefully about who I sleep with, but I’m a young guy having fun. What’s wrong with that? I’m open with the women I sleep with about my lifestyle, and they have no other option than to be fine with it if they want to continue seeing me.

Safe sex isn’t massively important to me. I’ll wear a condom if I’m asked to, but I’d rather not because it feels like I’m wearing a crisp packet and kills the mood. I don’t worry about getting STIs – I get regular checks – and I can tell by looking at a girl if she’s got anything.

I’ve got a couple of girls pregnant in the last year. They both had abortions and I went to the clinic with one of them. It wasn’t a nice experience, but it hasn’t frightened me into being more careful. If a girl’s happy to have sex without a condom, then it’s her responsibility to use another form of contraception.

I was last in a relationship two years ago. In the six months we were together, I slept with four other girls. Two days after we split up, she caught me in bed with another woman at the flat we shared. She was furious, but as we weren’t officially together any more, I only really felt bad about the fact the girl was wearing my ex’s dressing gown at the time!

A lot of guys sleep with girls for another notch on the bedpost, but I’m good at sex and really into satisfying women. I’d rate myself 11 out of 10 in bed.

Girls say that size doesn’t matter and it’s what you do with it that counts, but if you’re well-equipped down there – which I am – and you also know what to do with it, that’s the formula for good sex. Foreplay is important, as is a bit of teasing, but talking isn’t essential in my opinion.

Maybe one day I’ll be in a regular relationship. I think the person who eventually tames me won’t be a girl – she’ll be a strong woman, someone who stands up to me and says: ‘I don’t agree with this, it’s got to stop.’ I need to meet my match.”

this more pictures of danny:

he is handsome,
and def my type of wolf,
but that bawdy count is sort of a turn off.
his reckless behavior was the cherry on top.
i know the male species likes to “fuck first; ask questions later”.
we were raised to sow our wild oats.
this pineapple been cross counties with his sowing.

Imagine if he was gay?

he needs to meet a hoe with an equal bawdy count as him.
he needs a “samantha jones”.
like that episode when she met her match and he made her take an hiv test:

danny and his “samantha jones” can fuck into the sunset.
on the bright side: he can probably fuck.
he has had a lot of experience on his dick report.

lowkey: are personal trainer wolves this bad?
i know i want to get banged by a personal trainer wolf,
but i don’t need his pipe all over town!

article taken: the sun

12 thoughts on “You Was Just Another Pineapple On Your Personal Trainer’s Hit List

  1. Lol only straight men get brownie points for having a high body count. Women get ridiculed (not sure about lesbians though). And it’s not exactly a badge of honor for gay men if you sleep around a lot.

  2. Haha. Not with that tattoo on his head. Either you have hair or you don’t. Don’t fake it. Hell, I much rather him wear a wig than whatever that shit is on his head.

    1. Man I was trying to figure that out too, I was like is that a spray on job like Jamie Foxx and LeBron J. I wasnt sure I thought maybe thats just the photo and the light. Somebody call the FBI, that hairline has been kidnapped.

  3. Maybe one day I’ll be in a regular relationship. I think the person who eventually tames me won’t be a girl-Watch out Foxes, there is competition on the horizon, it is only a matter of time. Any dude this freaky is easy prey to do it with a dude. It is probably a lot of itchy coochies in his town thanks to this dude and his ways. He will probably end up with a man and live happily ever after LoL!

  4. it dawned on me how Samatha looks like Maggie for HAHN, uncanny. But what a story, this man is unstoppable and i know somewhere in the UK is that new form of that super STD.

  5. He’s pretty much the definition of alot of guys featured on this site. Vapid, sexually irresponsible, gym body, self absorbed and yet still is held a premium by men and women. These guys will still their dicks in anything and still have someone begging to be with them. Whats not being told is how many curable/non-curable STD’s he’s really contracted.

  6. LMFAOO #done @ this post. DONE!!! 2500 body count, I can look and tell who’s got an STD, if she’s ugly, I’ll call her a cab (lmaoo) The part that made me cringe though was the abortion part, jeez, “oh you’re pregnant? Just get an abortion! NO PROBLEM!!” – Me and this guy wouldn’t even be friends, let alone anything else, what a turn off.

    I won’t waste my thoughts on this, it’s just too stupid to me. He’s just for lolz. I honestly had a good laugh though.

  7. At first I was going to go in on him but as I was reading I realize that a lot of men and woman think like this. Now he definitely said some dumb comments about STDs and knowing if someone has one by looking at them.

    But the stuff you said about wearing a condom I know lots of guys who think like that. How many homemade straight porn videos have we seen where the couple is raw fucking?

    He has a high body count but I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with the way he’s living his life I mean he’s not pretending to be something he’s not. He claims he lets women right at the gate “hey this is what I’m about and if you don’t like it then I can easily find another chick to bang”. He’s a proud hoe

  8. I stopped reading when he said “I could look and see if they have an STI”. That behavior is awful especially for a personal traniner. I pray his behavior changes before he get that package. 🙏🏿🙏🏿

  9. This is a fool. Love how he say he can tell by looking at a person if they have a STI(D)!
    Spoken like a true idiot.
    I don’t find him attractive at all…unlike that other British bodybuilder (who only like white guys) that was posted on here. Now HE was cute!

  10. He looks “off” to me, but unfortunately he’s the type society at large values.

    A lot of men and women would be easy prey for him. He’s walking syphilis or HIV waiting to happen though.

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