You Can Be A Single Dad Too! (Ask Hill Harper)

i personally don’t want cubs,
but that may change.
never say never.
a vix and fb-i both sent me the following story about hill harper.
he revealed that he is a dad.
the thing he,
he adopted his cub about 18 months ago.
i love that privacy is coming back into popularity again.
he revealed his son on “good morning america” and well…

that is a really beautiful story.
his son is so cute.
am i the only one who loves it’s a black cub?
i know the adoption process can be tedious,
but it’s an option for those who want cubs.
gays especially.
i’m glad hill decided to take on that responsibility.
i know he has been looking for a vixen to marry,
but this seems like a better option for him.
everyone thinks is so easy to find someone and settle with.
if that was the case,
i’d be in a relationship right now.
it’s crazy how if you don’t follow the “standard”,
you are judged.

“He has no cubs by 30.
something wrong with him.”

i’m judging those with a trillion cubs with different vixens.
hill is 51 and just became a father.
i appreciate his story better.
i wish him all the best.

lowkey: i’m in no financial/mental position for cubs right now.
i can be totally honest about that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “You Can Be A Single Dad Too! (Ask Hill Harper)”

  1. I actually heard he was gay
    He’s a nice edition to the clique if so
    Shit I wish I was adopted by someone like him

      1. He’s never had a girl in public
        And typically if a man is 40 and doesn’t have kids he is more than likely gay

      2. @ Run… the age thing and no kids, is stereotypical. I dont know all about that. Some people simply dont wont kids NOR do they need them. So many basket cases that neglect and abuse their kids. In his case, it comes across as a little side eye-ish, simply bc he has always been good looking enough to find some bitch to sit on his dick. lol But hell, if he is gay, I would like to be the bitch that sits on his dick. lol

    1. I’ve heard that rumor as well. But more power to him. Classy dude all around.

      As for having kids, Jamari I am like you. Don’t want them. I have enough nieces and nephews to take the place of my kids. I used to love babysitting them when they were younger, because I would have them for the weekend and I knew they were going back to their parents afterwards! LOL

      As I tell my family, seeing you all going through what you go through with your kids…I’m good. No regrets.
      It wasn’t meant to be.

    2. Well he has been dating an Asian woman named Chloe Flowers for a few years.There are many pics of them on vacation,on red carpets,etc.I am not addressing his sexual orientation.He also dated Taraji and Regina Hall years ago.

  2. Congrats to him. I’m sure he is a great father because he has a great head on his shoulders. Personally, I don’t see children in my future. I enjoy my alone time too much. Lol.

  3. I used to crush on him hard. He was my “ideal” mate. He was Obama’s room mate at Harvard Business School. He has planted himself in Detroit, he is putting skin in the game to help revive the city. Go Hill.

  4. I respect him for adopting a child. It was a very good gesture. Many people do not want to do this nowadays. Regrading his sexuality, I heave not heard anything. I have always known him to be straight.

  5. He really aged well over the years and remembered him on Married with Kids. Still plays those young roles and he made appearances at voting precincts for Obama in Miami. I bet everybody’s wondering who he has on the side?

  6. So fine… even at 51. I’ve loved him since high school when Letters to a Young Brother came out then I got to meet him in college. Such a class act.

    I hope he will inspire others to adopt if they’re ready

  7. I personally think that Hill Harper is gay! There I said it. lol He is still fine as hell though. lol

  8. I am happy for him. I am 48 and I just had an Epiphany this weekend that I will adopt and buy a home within the next two years. I am single and I have been waiting and seeking for the “Knight in shinning Armour” since I was 23. I just realized that he may never come so I will focus on me and my son (When I adopt)

    1. That’s wonderful newsπŸ™Œ.Are you planning on going the private adoption route or through the foster care system?

  9. So wait! Anyone not thinking what I’m thinking? He and Barry (aka 44) were roommates at Harvard. I know y’all heard about Barry tasting the waters pre Michelle lol. Anyway, great look on Harper for this move.

  10. I believe that he and Barry are both gay – I think that both are in a position where they have reached a certain status that coming out would affect both of them in ways that they are not prepared to handle. Hill for example is a supporting actor – he never had a lead role so for obvious reasons he wants to main closeted so that he is able to remain an actor pulling in at least nominal roles.

    Barry for OBVIOUS reasons would be exiting the closet any time soon, if at all.

  11. Lord Jesus if a man is classy and single he’s gay but if he’s hard and rugged and seen with multiple women he’s straight.. y’all and these stereotypes lol. I’ve never heard Hill was gay in fact I heard he loves the sisters and has dated a few. Hill is clean cut, educated and classy and in our community that makes some black women call him corny and black gay men call him gay. Not everyone is gay or no. Believe it or not some men only like women. God bless him and his child. Awesome. I too am not ready for a child, I honestly don’t want kids

    1. I have been shocked by all the negative comments I have read on blogs about this educated,successful black man adopting a black boy.I was on a site dedicated to kids of black celebs and the black women were calling him gay.Saying if a 51 handsome man adopts as a single father he is probably gay.I asked one lady so is a beautiful successful woman who adopts as a single woman ,a lesbian? Of course she ignored my question and blocked me.One guy at The Shade Room called him weird.I asked him, is a single guy with multiple baby mamas weird.Besides calling him gay they are saying a baby needs a mother in the house.

      When I emailed this story to Jamari ,Friday,I said it was a positive story about a black man. I had no idea that about half of the responses from black men and black women would be negative.On Good Morning America they said only 3% percent of adoptive parents are single men.I guess that’s why people are so suspicious.I haven’t been able to think of another black male celebrity who has never been married and has no bio kids who has adopted.I know there has to be some but IDK any offhand.

  12. Wait did someone say Barack Obama is gay?

    Some of you all have “No Credibility!” *throws hands up like Maxine Waters*

    This is exactly why I find gay men giving lectures and think pieces about gender roles and stereotypes hilarious because they rely on those stereotypes as a frame of reference as well.

    I know this may be hard for the masses to understand, but marriage and relationships are not the bane of everyone’s existence like with women and gay men.

    A lot of people don’t value their existence on whether or not they’re with someone or thotting.

    If he has a nice, loving home I’m glad he’s opening it up to a black child. More single successful people with values should be open to doing the same or at least mentoring some of these kids.

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