WTF IS THIS? (When Videos Need A Decoder)

PIC-mult-wyeah as tough as that.
lol jk.
10 foxi points for who can get the answers for those fractions…
seriously speaking,
i need a breakdown on this video…

visually it is amazing.
it looks like some shit out the cell with j.lo:

tumblr_mamav6vZv01qaxq9po1_500 tumblr_mamav6vZv01qaxq9po3_500 tumblr_mamav6vZv01qaxq9po4_500the video made me wonder
if i was gonna be mind controlled if i stare into her eyeball mouth?
what the hell is azealia talking about?

was it english?
i could barely understand her.
this song seems too intense for mainstream music.
especially as a first single.
i need her music like this:

…or something similar.

lowkey: liquorice is a good summer track,
ain’t it?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “WTF IS THIS? (When Videos Need A Decoder)”

  1. I’m loving the video for Yung Rapunxel. When she started lip synching to Mary’s No Amore Drama I almost died. The video makes the somg tho.

  2. Well he did it Peanut did exclusive interview with bossip.He talks about their relationship, sex life,etc Kerry is done
    BTW he said Kerry’s teammates knew about them

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