Work Wolf Rips Me A New One (I Rip Back)

so work wolf and i got into it earlier.
it was his fault,
but i can admit that my reaction definitely didn’t help.
it was a lot of spit up,
hurt feelings,
and mutual ignoring between the both of us…

he has been in a mood this week.
work has been hell for him.
i am also dealing with a lot too.
well he been snappin’ at me all day today.
like taking his anger out on me.
well he came out the side of his mouth and i went off on him.
i don’t play that shit.
i saw him leaving the same time as me and straight ignored him.
i got on the elevator and walked to the train alone.
fuck that.
he was tite about that because he sent me a text with the quickness:

“that shit that you just pulled when u bounced.
that was some bitch shit.
don’t do that because you know better”

so we going back and forth in texts.
i’m missing a couple trains and shit.
he gonna say:

“i don’t argue with dudes.

tumblr_mehoifvDBB1qjvhnzo3_r1_250i wanted to say:

“well half the shit you do with me,
dudes don’t do with other dudes,

…but i had to bite my tongue.
i can be spiteful.
god is still working on me.
you’ll know when i’m arguing when i’m cussin’ yo ass out.
i was simply explaining my side of the situation.
the train ride home allowed me to see where i went wrong on my end.
ignoring him,
as a friend,
was wrong.
it ended with me taking responsibility for my actions when i got home.
he replied:

“its cool.
talk 2 u monday”

he called out tomorrow so i won’t see him until next week.
i’m sure he’s still in his feelings.
i’m kinda over it.

tumblr_lz0bm9QP7S1r5souzo2_500we both had a bad day and exploded on each other.
it happens.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

36 thoughts on “Work Wolf Rips Me A New One (I Rip Back)”

    1. That what I was thinking. And you know what else J. People who are angry tend to throw their anger at people they care the most, sooooooooo yea. Mentally y’all might deny there’s nothing going on between you two, but emotionally you guys clearly got something on.

      Oh shit I just realized something. You’re Noah and Work Wolf is Wade from Noah’s Arc.

  1. Couples go through this mon cher lol. How cute. I would have died to see what he woulda said if you said what u wanted to. That would have fucked his head up lmao!

      1. Telling him half the things he does dudes dont do with other dudes would have made his heart stop. He wouldnt know how to respond.

    1. @jay
      Even though I’m glad he didn’t say it.
      I agree, I’m curious how work wolf would have responded though.
      Those words would have been daggers to his heart.

  2. Jamari I thought he said this is your week for him to hang with you, what happened to that, but it sounds like there is a lot of sexual tension between you guys.

  3. You live and learn, tomorrow’s another day .

    P.S. But it does seem like this is becoming a pattern for you two hopefully it’s just a phase.

  4. Hmm. This lowkey kinda turned me on. I love a passionate back and forth. Then the game of who’ll speak first.

    Sidebar: When are you gonna cook for him J?

  5. I agree with the comments. This is some couples type of stuff. I see why he got annoyed. The best part of his bad day was probably walking to the train with you and you ignoring him probably added on to that bad day. He definitely needs to understand why you reacted that way and that it didn’t come from no where. Glad you two made up for the time being.

  6. He puts a lot more energy in your relationship than he does with these vixens hes smashing from time to time.

    The dynamic between you two is interesting to say the least.

  7. Reading the last few post about work wolf, he always seems to be in a mood lately. IMHO It sounds like he’s struggling with his emotions concerning you and he’s having a time processing it all.

  8. Straight dudes dont get that angry because you dont speak to them. His feelings for you are evident, and he had to catch himself with that “i dont argue with dudes” lol. Your situation brings back soo many memories.

  9. i wanted to say:

    “well half the shit you do with me,
    dudes don’t do with other dudes,

    are you sure you haven’t left out some things that yall do? Sounds like yall hooking up and the way yall react to each sounds like yall fuckin

    1. We all wish they were, but no they aren’t YET. 😏

      You have to get caught up on the work wolf saga. They have a close and complicated “friendship” that I’m sure work wolf wouldn’t be able to explain.

  10. Lol I’ve been there…. Damnnnn this such a great post lol… Here is my comment… I had a roommate I was crushing on prior to us living together… One night we got into a heated argument that ended with him and I offending one another… After that we stopped talking for a moment and I decided to dress my best (be a little suave for the next couple of days)… Which broke his silence….
    I say all of this to have you test the waters…
    Next time you around him… Maybe you should turn up your sexy all the way up… See how he reacts… I don’t know how you look but from previous posts you have commented about the the gym and keeping it tight and right…
    -Do you own a snug long sleeve slightly see-through shirt…
    -How about some black slacks that hold you just right that don’t look like jeggins or skinnies…
    -a fresh ass shape up and sexy cologne…

    Go in looking a vampire lol…
    What do you say?
    “Dressed in all black like the Omen”
    -Lil Kim

    Lol, I’m not trying to say seduce him… But just see if he is uneasy or have any reaction of some sort. Lol either way, this “Work- Wolf Series” is awesome. 🙂

  11. Reminds me of a dude from my past on the job. Claimed he was straight but would come up on me all the time. One time I got mad at him for playing with my feelings and gave him the cold shoulder. Drove him crazy. He’d whisper in my ear asking what he did. He’s sorry blah blah but he wasn’t gay. He just really liked me.

    We ended up having a falling out months later but we got it in twice eventually.

  12. I know I’m late AF but I’m on VACAY and catching up now. Yeah that “I don’t argue with dudes” is some bro-check BS. He revealed sooooo much in those few words. Yeah he’s struggling for real. My “work boo” hates being ignored “by me” and the shit blows me cause it’s really confusing when he steady talking about vixens. Due to a shift change we don’t see each other as much so he comes in I’m about to leave. I left without speaking and he blasted my ass on text. Then he’ll text his usual BYE in all caps which means leave me alone. The sexual tension is REAL. It’s all about having all the attention on them, once he walked over to my cubicle and I was in a focused IM exchange on my computer with someone and I justifiably ignored him and this mofu says “Oh yeah I’m bout to shut all that shit down yo!!!”. You know my face was like 😳😛. My response: OKAY WHEN?!?!! He sighs and says. “Man whatever” and walks off. When we graduate from grad school together in a few months I think will be the night we consumate our tug-o-war relationship. TO BE CONTINUED… 😍

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